Tianjin has introduced ten measures to develop community social organizations

Original title: Developing Community Social Organizations to build a shared community home reporter learned from the Tianjin Civil Affairs Bureau that in order to further promote the high-quality development of the city’s social organization, play a greater role in innovative grassroots social governance, Tianjin Nuka Prefecture issued "Tianjin Ten measures to develop community social organizations "will guide community social organizations to play a positive role in community service supply, community consultation, Ping An Community Construction, Community Spiritual Civilization and other fields.

  Community social organizations are residents living in this community. The residential organizations have been established in the community, carry out social organizations such as people’s services, public welfare, neighboring mutual assistance, peace construction, cultural and sports and rural production technology services. .

Community social organizations facing the masses, active in the grassroots, serving residents, serving communities, serving society, and demand, the needs of the masses, the activities have mass participation, and the masses have judged.

  Top ten measures to develop community social organizations, including strengthening party building leaders, standardizing management system, and improving exiting mechanisms, boosing role, promoting "five social linkages", develop volunteer services, helps rural revitalization, cultivate talent team, improve platform construction, strengthen Publicity and other aspects.

The city will rely on community social organizations, build community-oriented, social workers as support, community social organizations, and community volunteers as a new type of community governance mechanism for the community charity resources.

Positive and regulate and regulate community social organizations participate in grassroots social governance, vigorously cultivate support for public welfare, service, mutual aid community social organization development. Promote government and social resources to tilt to rural community social organizations and agricultural service projects. By 2023, each rural community should create not less than an excellent community service team. (Reporter Liu Chao) (Editor: Li Dan, Tao Jian) ??Sharing let more people see.