The group’s army Zhou Li Ping live the army: use live red resources to inherit the red gene!

An impressive historical photo records the team’s officers and men through the bonfire baptism and the bloody battle of the battle story, a piece of block, the masters of the officials, the promotion of the military, the growth process, the 71st group, Zhou Li Ping, the army, resolute Implementing the red gene generations of the project, a good grasp of the brigade of the brigade, the use of the vivid class and the educational base of the inheritance of the red gene and the educational base ▲ The history of the brigade brigade, the open structure, let officers and men can touch those writings The full-honor medal is going to revisit the traveler. Review the hero’s style, listen to the advanced story to let the hero history go out of the pavilion to let the hero model enters the officers and soldiers to let red resources really live, use "red soil" ▲ "The last party" story "comrades, who can remember the story of the last party fee? Our ancestors Ling Guopeng and the enemy’s battle to the last minute unfortunately injured, just in his science, he did not forget to pay party fees to the organization … "Before the brigade of the brigade, Liu Wei, who is a guerrome, is telling the officials of the" The last party fees ", and this is just a minor shadow of the red story with the brigade. ▲ In order to give full play to the role of the brigade of the brigade, the trip is "carefully planned" in the use of the party’s 100-year-old, the trip is "carefully planned", and held the party cherished and the brigade of the Communist Party of China. The ceremony brings a spiritual baptism to officers and men. ▲ The retired military officer and the family have visited the brothers of the brigade for 2021, the end of the cadre decommissioning ceremony is over. The comrades who will bid farewell to the military camp will come to the "Old Banyan Tree" Square. This spirit tota has incentive to grow, "Lao Fu" The tree carries too much a good memory. Spropters the history of the history, stroking a heavy history, as if returning to the moment of dream sailing.

"Every time I see the ancestors overcome the hardships, Tagami Mountain, hard work, my heart is full of respect, I also want to be like them like them, dedicate Mashan.

"The second-level sergeant Liu Dang Town, Liu Dang Town, has been moving every time, and is in the" Red Soil "of the firm and belief, the officers and soldiers listen to the party Chinese, and the beliefs of the party More firm! The "hot soil" of the excitation of the fighting spirit ▲ special expert welcomed the ceremony, the officials of the armored soldiers have just been assessing, and the officers and soldiers have been brave, and 9 people succeed in obtaining professional super.

They don’t know, a warm ceremony that is warm and improving, has quietly waiting for them before the brigade.

▲ The officers and men discussed a precious historical picture in the brigade of the brigade, behind the retardant and soldiers. Every time you step into the brigade, you can have been taken back to the "Jinan, War Huaihai, and I have a long river to break the enemy, anti-US aid, the military and high". It is the blood of the ancestors, and there is a good day today. At the "Old Banyan Tree" Plaza, a battalion, a battalion, who is taking advantage of the fighting hero of the team, telling the officers and men to tell the officers and soldiers, the officers and soldiers are fighting, and they kill the enemy.

It is also in this kind of war, can fight, and kindly, the team officers and soldiers are high. The officers and men said that every time I entered the brigade, I felt that I was full of fighting.砥 成 才 才 ▲ ▲ ▲ 官 官 官 官 官 向 向 向 向 向 向 向 严 军 军 军 军 军 人 军 军 军 军 军 军 人 人 军 军 军 军 军 军 军 军 军 军 军 军 军 军 军 军 军 军For the scene of the comrades who have just changed the sergeant, the powerful vows will have a soul baptism once again accepted the soul! ▲ When the civilian staff of the soldiers, visit the brings of the History Gallery, the Warrior King, Tellors: "In the training, I have reached more than one, but I don’t motivate myself with higher requirements.

Nowadays, I have seen the leading edge of the traveler and the frontier of the traveler, I have to re-develop training programs, and strive to achieve excellence in all training lesks.

"▲ Organize new party members and oath activities, the Camp also organized new party members to swear in the brigade, and the powerful voice came from the initial heart of Communists, and the mission of a military person was taken.

Many party members said: "When the traveler of the team, the officers and soldiers are hard to start, and we are more understanding what is a party member’s responsibility." A field education and ritual, became a unity of the officers and men, and the genetic passwords that move towards strong. Under the motivation of the history of the history, they are struggling and striving for a long run in the journey of the army.

▲ Use the "Old Banyan Tree" Square to hold the collective wedding combination of new cadres, military officers, military sectors, party development, etc. Reporting to the Secondary Report "Remember, the Red Song Singing, Collective Wedding and other activities, the brigade of the brothers" Everyday, there is an event ", it has become the official inheritance of the red gene, competing" "punch" "" spirit home ", Becoming the" red soil "of the molten belief, incentive" hot soil ", 砥 成 才" "fertile".

Red war history is that the red gene of this thick textbook is more precious spiritual wealth. It must be integrated into the blood. All officers and soldiers are in the influence of red culture. Under the influence of high-spirited, the spirit of the spirit is in the new journey. Sprinkle! Plan: Wang Wei, Zhao Jun, Dai Liangtao Text: Liu Zheng, Zhang Jiahui Picture: Lin Min, Yao Jie.