The first needle appears in the vaccination, the second needle does not fight?

  The first needle appears in the vaccination, the second needle does not fight? Experts concentrated on the recent conclusion of new crown vaccination issues in recent people. Many people have completed the vaccination of the first needle new crown virus vaccine. As the second needle vaccination time, many people have some questions.

On June 2, Zhu Lijun, director of the Immune Planning Office of Shenyang Municipal Center for Disease Control and Prevention, gave authority. Try to complete the second dose inactivated vaccine within 56 days, do you need a certain number of intervals? Zhu Lijun said that usually, inactivating the vaccine can be vaccinated to reach a good immune effect.

The inoculation interval between the two needles of the new crown virus vaccine is recommended for more than 3 weeks and 8 weeks. For inactivated vaccines, after inoculating the first agent, the human body may generate antibodies in a short period of time, but this antibody cannot produce a good protection, and the duration is also very short. Only by vaccination again, the human body immune system is once again, due to the presence of the first immune memory, the immune response generated is much higher than the first strong, the resulting antibody level will rise sharply, and the duration will also be greatly extended.

  Typically, in accordance with the program interval, if this interval is exceeded, subsequent vaccination is also effective. The inactivated vaccine is carried out in 21-56 days, if the second needle and the first needle are more than 56 days, and no vaccination is required.

More than 56 days, inoculate the second needle, complete the program.

However, the public friend is still suggested, and the second agent inactivates the vaccine in 56 days. The first needle has a general reaction to normal vaccination, the second needle is inoculated, and the symptoms are symptomatic, can it be inoculated with the second needle? The first case: I just caught up with chronic diseases or suffer from acute diseases such as colds, herpes. For this type of situation, the disease should be controlled, treated, and the like, or the chronic disease control is stable, and the second needle can be continued.

  The second case: adverse reactions such as fever, slight rash occurred after the first dose. From the previous new championship clinical trial study results and information collected during use, the occurrence of common adverse reactions in new crown vaccines is basically similar to other vaccines that have been widely used.

Mainly redness, hard knots, pain, etc. in the inoculation site, also have heat, fatigue, nausea, headache, muscle soreness, etc. Usually this type of reaction will disappear over time, no special treatment, the second needle can also be vaccinated as usual.

  The third case: there is a relatively serious allergic reaction after vaccination, such as acute allergic reactions, vascular neurological edema, difficulty breathing, or other cases of vaccination, the second agent is not recommended. . Vaccines for different technology routes can not be mixed Zhu Lijun.

If the vaccine cannot continue to supply, the vaccination of the vaccination of the vaccination of the seminars can be used in vaccination, and the inactivated vaccine produced by other enterprises can be used to complete the vaccination.

However, the vaccine of different technology routes can not be mixed, such as the first inoculation of recombinant new crown virus vaccines, follow-up, can only inoculate this type of vaccine, and new crown virus inactivates the vaccine.

  At present, the new crown virus vaccine used in Shenyang has, in addition to the pre-inactivated vaccine, and recombinant new crown virus vaccine (CHO cells). There are 2 manufacturers in the inactivated vaccine, produced by the National Medicine Group Beijing Biological Products Research Institute and Beijing Kuixing Zhongwi Technologies Co., Ltd.

Among them, the vaccine part of Beijing Biology is packaged by Changchun Biological Products Research Institute Co., Ltd., but the stock solution is still Beijing biological production. Please use the citizen friends to use the vaccine for Beijing biological production and packaging.

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