The craftsmanship, Dunhuang has a "cultural taste" craftsman

Simple dirt yellow architecture, naturally growing flowers and trees, there are birds flying from time to time, came to the Mo Gordley craftsman in Dunhuang Sanzheng Mountain, just like coming to an idyllic. As the Chinese Master of China, the art of art, the non-Hengfang color plastic technology representative inheritance, with the "Flying" dream, 17 years old entered the Dunhuang Research Institute, one is more than 40 years. With Du Yongwei, "After a painful choice", he left Dunhuang Research Institute. However, from the deep feelings of Dunhuang Art, let him feel that "there is a responsibility to lead everyone to inherit the art of Mogao Grottoes, let this oriental art into the family and enter society.

"58 years old, in 2018, I found a dream of Mogari craftsman." The hidden hand inherited the millennium Dunhuang stunt. "Self-proclaimed" village head ", naturally, I naturally said that the reporter said that the interlocation of craftsmen." I just want to gather a group of famous teachers and professionals. Everyone learns to exchange, simple, just think Inheriting Dunhuang Art inherited more than 1,000 years continues to inherit, let this intangible cultural heritage ‘live’. "Carrying forward Dunhuang culture, inheriting non-legacy, carrying forward the spirit of craftsmen.

Strolling in this simple and young art park, Mogao Academy, Du Yuman Art Museum, 100 Years Dunhuang, Old Workshop, Non-Listern, Mingshan Yaji, Dunhuang Art Research Center … The light is watching the name, it is a culture breath.

Let the excellent traditional culture truly integrate life, serve the people, in order to let the cultural heritage "live", "fire".

According to Du Yongwei, it was open from the Opening Operation of the Park in October 2018. As of early October this year, nearly 10,000 visitors from all over the country, some of which reached 10,000.

Cultural lecture hall, show display, creation exchange, mural calligraphy study, color molding teaching, rural tourism … In just 3 years, Mogari has developed into a variety of functional inheritance protection bases, and research education bases.

The life of cultural is inheriting, and culture is in development.

I am so happy that Mo Garri is such a cultural art inheritance, bringing together such a group of artisans, and also attracted more and more young people who are interested in Dunhuang culture. (People’s Network Reporter Zhao Guangxia).