Shijiazhuang City, 1975, the old housing will be transformed

Original title: Downtown 1975, Dangerous Housing will be used to transform it. Shijiazhuang City In 1975, DATO Housing will determine the pilot of 1 成 改 区 区,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, "About Accelerating the Implementation Opinions (Trial) of Dangerous Housing Update before 1975 (Trial)" Proposed Houses that have been constructed from 1975 (inclusive) in the Xinhua District, Qiaoxi District, Chang’an District, Yuhua District, Yucheng District, Yucheng, Luquan District, and the existing dangerous housing with D-class and security hazards Included in the update range.

It is clear that all the existing D-class dangerous housing must be sprinkled, and the immediate uninterruption can be taken immediately, and the sealing management of the temporary uninteroliciency is not allowed, and specializes in inspections, and adopts technical monitoring measures, resolutely prevents D-class Dangerous House resident residents and secondary accidents.

At the same time, in combination with national urban updates and infrastructure replenishment, it takes three ways of renovation, reinforcement and maintenance and original sites, and encourages the way to take a film transformation, completely eliminate hidden dangers of living safety.

The governments of each jurisdiction will organize the Dangerous Houses of 1975 (including) and the D-class Dangerous Housing and the Pacific House area (quarter), and classes the right to dangerous houses, the status quo, status quo, and identify housing usage. Coordinate considering urban planning, housing structure, construction era, use function, infrastructure supporting, economic value and other factors, fully consulted the wishes of residents, and determines subsequent update measures based on actual identification.

All districts will determine the pilot project of 1-piece zone transformation, conduct first trial, start implementation before the end of December 2021, and implement a comprehensive promotion of the city’s dangerous house update work. Film-made transformation. For dangerous housing concentration regions, the administration of the government can be transformed from the housing collection (protocol relocation), and the urban two-level government platform company and social capital participation implementation shall be resettled in three ways of sub-property exchange, original site property rights exchange and monetary compensation. Encourage house owners to choose the government’s designated centralized resettlement area. Implementing the development of the film, the administrative region of the jurisdiction can incorporate the dilapidated housing and film renovation projects into shantytown and enjoy the relevant preferential policies. Reinforcement and repair.

Housing owners have taken reinforcement and repair measures to eliminate dangerous, with unit property houses, organized by property rights; it is a multi-property house, and it is consulted by ownership of house owners and more than 90% agree to carry-reinforcement, by the governments or original Property Rights Unit (Housing Reform Housing) Organization.

For the implementation of reinforcement and maintenance, the original design unit should be entrusted or the design unit with corresponding qualification conditions shall be implemented, and the relevant construction procedures shall be implemented afterwards. The completion of the project is completed, and it can be used after comprehensive acceptance in accordance with relevant regulations. The original site is rebounded.

For three (inclusive) of the nature of the planning land, the willingness to renovate the construction conditions, including the following sporadic D-class dangerous houses, which are constructed by the ownership of the house and more than 90% of the agreement, and the required funds Housing owners are borne.

The original version of the project should not reduce the area of ??housing and optimize the home type and improve the use of housing.

For the sunshine, the spacing, the retreat requirements, no increase in the number of sets, but the house area can be increased, but up to 15% of the original building area. After the completion of the rebuilt, the real estate registration department re-executes the real estate registration certificate in accordance with the actual situation of the new housing.

For public welfare undertakings of land planning in Dangerous Housing, the land and other public welfare departments are arranged in advance, and the government has been arranged in advance. The governments of the jurisdiction shall be implemented. Relevant construction costs are included in the implementation of the residential house to be implemented. The demolition fund is implemented in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Notice on Printing and Distributing the Distribution of Municipal Public Welfare Projects (Houses) of Municipal Public Welfare Projects in Shijiazhuang City.

The land plan of the dangerous house is not a green land, the road and other public welfare undertakings, and the three (inclusive) of the three (inclusive) of the 7th (including) of the original (including) of the zero D-class dangerous house are not allowed by the government, and the government is responsible for demolition. Cost accounting.

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