Russian media: Russian Navy recently tested "zircon" high ultrasound speed missile

According to sources in the Russian Defense Industry, the Russian Navy "Goldsho Navy" frigate will recently test the "zircon" high ultrasound missile in the complicated environment, simulate the aircraft carrier who combats the imagination. According to Russian Satellite News Agency, this source said: "Recently ‘Gorushkov Navy will’ will" zircon ‘missiles from the Baren Sea Sea ".

"This test will be carried out in strong interference and complex target environments.

This will be a "zircon" missile this year’s second test, the cumulative fifth trial. It is reported that the Russian Northern Fleet 22350 "Golshkov Navy" frigcy tried the "zircon" missile in the white sea in White Sea on July 19, hitting the land goal of 350 km away.

On April 20 this year, the Russian National Defense Minister Sergei Saui said that the test of the "zircon" missile is scheduled to be completed in 2021.

According to the Russian media, "zircon" is a high ultrasound anti-ship cruise missile. The main strike target is the Western large water surface ship, especially aircraft carrier. Its flight speed can reach 9 Mach, the maximum range is 1000 kilometers.

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