Sanya Premie School teachers swelling students on hips, education bureau: suspension and public apology

At the nearby, Zhou Hao recently, Hainan Sanya, a primary school student came to the video hit by the teacher. In the video, this student’s hips have been red. The Extreme Journalist learned from the Yazhou District Education Bureau of Sanya City, and the incident on November 9, the district education bureau has been involved. The teacher has been suspended to wait for processing results and has been publicly apologized.

In the video of the video, a boy is wearing a school uniform, saying that he will study in Yacheng Primary School, and be hit by the teacher with a stick. From the video, you can see that the boys’ hips appear.

A staff member of the Yazhou Branch of Sanya City Public Security Bureau told reporters that the police did receipt of the alarm about this, but he is not clear.

On the 12th, an extreme news reporter called the Yazhou District Education Bureau of Sanya City.

The staff said that this happened on November 9, and the district education bureau has established a special investigation team on the evening and launched a survey next day. It is understood that on the 9th morning mathematics class, the teacher arranged the unit’s homework. The child did not work well. Teachers used a call to conduct education and punish the students, leading to the left buttocks of the students. Green, diagnosed for skin mild contusion.

However, the staff said that there is no hit 45, according to the teacher’s teacher, he has only played a few times. The staff said that according to the relevant regulations, this behavior has seriously violated laws and regulations, violating teachers’ professional ethics and teachers.

On November 10, the District Education Bureau officially gave Chen Mouchi, which was involved in teachers to suspend the performance of their duties, waiting for processing. The injury has not yet reached the criteria, and the district education bureau has come to the school and the school and parents have been mediated.

The teacher has apologized to parents and apologizes in class. At present, students are almost harmful, and the teacher is still in the state of suspension, waiting for processing results.

The District Education Bureau also issued the relevant notification, requiring the school to conduct the teacher’s head of the teacher.