Pingdingshan Weidong District: Volunteer Service Don’t stop Community Aunt

"Please don’t discard garbage, please take the resident friend to pull the dog" … On October 19th, in the Dongyuan Community, Dong’an Road, Pingdingshan City, there are several older volunteers, they or cycling or Walk, wear a small red hat, wear red vest, carry small speakers, shuttle in the back street alley.

On the cold, the cold is not blocked by their volunteer service. Only the knowledge of "defending the creation" knowledge, persuading the uncivilized behavior, picking up the pavement garbage, helps management community city bookstore … The residents are kindly called their aunt .

"I remember that when I started to engage in community volunteer service, I still don’t understand, say that I have been happy, I will be fun, do you want to do volunteers? Later, when the residents saw the courtyard, back street alley in us The effort is getting more beautiful, they all want to join us! "The Community Mom Wei Yuelian said proudly.

Wei Yuelian is 63 years old this year, a retired worker, she is enthusiastic, and the community home construction is the spokesperson of civilized and beautiful homes. Dongyuan Community, Dong’an Road, Wei Dong District, is located in the central area of ??Pingdingshan City, and the old urban infrastructure is old.

Under the enthusiasm of "Defending the Spring Festival" Spring Breeze, Dong’an Road Street put forward "putting the work in the community, putting practical things to the masses in the first place, as the satisfaction of the masses as our work". " The street has been rejected through the old community renovation project, hardening roads, greening environment, beautify the wall, and community residential environment.

"As a volunteer, I am very happy! I have to continue the positive energy!" 70-year-old community big mother Zhao Yuhua has always used his own actions to practice "dedication, friendship, mutual help, progress" volunteer spirit. "The old is, shining!" They guided and promoted the masses with their own practical actions to actively participate in the "Defense Creation". At present, their volunteer service team reserve volunteers have reached 16 people.

"Our community will also actively carry forward the spirit of volunteer service, widely carry out more platform for volunteer service, build more platforms for volunteer services, to" defend the creation ‘", make the residents satisfied!" Said Wu Xin, secretary of the Party Committee of Dongyuan Community. (Pingdingshan Wei Dong District Committee Propaganda Department Chen Peidong Wang Wei) (Editor: Since Salm, Xu Chi) Sharing let more people see the recommended reading.