To "face" to make beauty, becoming a beautiful and ugly

With the improvement of living standards, consumers’ pursuit of beauty is increasing, under high interests, some lack of qualified beauty institutions violate the medical beauty, which often causes health damage and economic losses to consumers. For beauty, the teeth are "injured" July 2020, in order to have a beautiful teeth, Ms. Li, Changchun, who wants to do tooth veneer project in a beauty service center, and signed the "Extreme" material, the price is 6600 yuan. Contracts.

When actual operation, the center will have a 600 yuan fees to Ms. Li.

Midway was slammed, Ms. Li took it, but because the operator technology is not in place, Ms. Li is burned by "Ructess", and she found a sensitive, stunning phenomenon after the end of the facade. The gums are red and a thick "fan-shaped 龅 龅" form.

Three days later, Ms. Li asked to remove the vetement. After the ground is getting dental, the teeth are more sensitive, Ms. Li has to go to the oral hospital treatment.

Ms. Li asked the beauty service center to return to the veneer cost of 7200 yuan, and pay 1226 yuan, and coordinate many coordinates, and complained to the Changchun Consumers Association. When the Changchun Consumers Association was investigated, the store did not practice medical licenses, not a medical institution, and the operator did not have the qualifications of physician.

In the end, the store returned to Ms. Li returned all of the facade costs and paid the corresponding treatment fee.

Zhong Ping said that the secretary of the Changchun Consumers Association said that the tooth veneer is the repair and treatment of the oral cavity. It belongs to the oral medical behavior. It must meet the medical norms, with the "medical institution practice license" and physician practice certificate, otherwise it will be "illegal practice" .

To use the acne cream for the acne, the acne is unfailed to infection in March 20, Mr. Cao spent more than 100 yuan to buy a vane cream in a shopping mall cosmetics counter. After using a week, the original acne did not be qoined, but instead Big.

When I was looking for a business, Mr. Cao was told that the inflammation drum came out.

After another week, the acne still did not see it. When Mr. Cao once again found the merchant, the sales staff took the skin to make the skin after a needle.

After one week, Mr. Cao has a "small mole" in the face of dense Ma Ma, and the hospital is diagnosed as a contagious flat.

The survey found that the cosmetics sales counter only has sales service qualifications, and acne services have exceeded their business.

Coordinated, the counter pays consumers in one time.

Zhong Ping said that the cosmetic counter service personnel do not have a variety of confrontation, which is very easy to cause trauma infections, and violates the "Medical Beauty Service Management Measures" shall be compensated.

Ms. Yan, the "Doctor", is very concerned with the face and body maintenance, June 2019, when she accepts her body care service in Chaoyang District, Changchun City, the service personnel say that young women are easy to suffer. Private itching and inflammation issues, I suggest she went to the hospital for examination, such as determining that there is an inflammation to purchase a private murder product and the treatment of the hospital, guarantee that the drug is still effective than the hospital, and it is also said that it is not careful, future It is easy to cancer. After Ms. Yan went to the hospital to check, there was an inflammation, and it took 41,410 yuan to buy the store’s killed products and nursing treatment services. But there is no improvement after a period of time, and the operator will refund. The operator indicates that the treatment cycle has not ended, and each person is different after the product is used, and refuses to refund.

Ms. Yan has helpless complaints to the Consumers Association. By taking the operator’s license information, the Consassination Association found that the business license approved has no "medical service" related content.

After mediation, the operator agreed to refund 20,000 yuan for consumers.

Zhong Ping said that there is a problem that the operators in the case have an over-range operation of medical services.

Violation of the relevant provisions of the Consumer Rights Protection Law shall be compensated. (Reporter Liu Yu).