Use "Red Allegation" to transfer anti-prevention focus Who is speculating "Continental Civil Servants"?

  Chen Shizhong, Chen Shizhong, was in the outbreak of the banquet, but also took the mask for forces, but there was no safety distance on the table, but also witnessed that he was swallowing clouds in the room.

This event continues to ferment in the island.

  In this party in Chen Shizhong, a long-haired woman was exploding "in the mainland as civil servants" on the 15th.

  Chen Shizhong did not wear a mask, drinking wine, a video of the Gao Song, according to Taiwan Joint News Network, her name is Chen Xiaoyu, is the executive member of Taiwan’s prominent human bank, but also the president of the Yutai Enterprise, not only the civil servant of the mainland, not only the mainland civil servants Deputy Director, Join the Part-time Vice Chairman of Pingtan District Women’s Federation. In 2019, after the Mayor of Kaohsiung, South Korea, "Taipei Expressway" opened from Kaohsiung Port to Fujian Pingtan, full load of 15 million yuan Xin Tai dollar purchase, is the contract by the Joint Company and Entrepreneur Association Chen Xiaoqi once appeared in the Kaohsiung Port Karai Ceremony. Due to Chen Xiaoyu’s civil servant, the green camp claimed that she violated the "Regulations on the People’s Relations".

Qiu Taizhao, the main committee of the Taiwan Main Committee, said that the competent authority has been engaged in administrative survey. Since the first two days is holiday, "absolutely deal with the law" after the data is received. He said that in accordance with the regulations, the Taiwan people must not serve as the mainland party and political troops. If it is verified that Chen Xiaozhen is true, it can be fined 500,000 yuan for 10,000 yuan to 500,000 yuan.

  As for the woman in Chen Shizhong and a woman with the mainland civil servant, if there is "Guoan", Qiu Tai San also said that Chen Shizhong said that "invited to go", do not know who is in the scene, and contact these people (refer to these people Singing dining narration will not violate any legal provisions.

Chen Shizhong also said that he didn’t know who Chen Xiaoyu is.

  Some netizens commented whispering, there is nothing, if it is a Kuomintang, the Ministry of Public Advanced Party shouted.

  The green camp is still in the continent to make the so-called "cognitive battle".

The deputy main committee of the main committee said in the 15th in the "Legislative Court" inquiries, this is "The" Typical Chinese Continental Trial Information Attack ", the video appears on the mainland platform, and then transfers through the Taiwan-related institution. Write the entire time axis, "It can be seen that Taiwan is really easily influenced by the fake information of the mainland.

  There is an interior netizen refuteed that the video received video at 5 pm on the 10th, and the greenhouse allegations of continental Weibo is issued in the evening. It can be seen that the island will be introduced first. Give the mainland, it is really incredible. "

  Writer Liu Xinyue wrote that when he was happy when he was happy, when he was happy to cry, there were many vendors, and the eight industries were close to the old book; when he didn’t wear a mask sing karaoke, how many small people wear a mask Did not dare, "The epidemic prevention commander is worthy of all the people who listen to the law-abutors of the law." The former "Economic Minister" Yin Qiming said that when all parties have a human cup, I can remember how many grassroots medical epidemic prevention persons are still In the night, there is no kind of "grassroots tightness, super-tight", which also makes the people clear, how is the Cai Yingwen authorities to discard the 礼 礼, how to "punish the doctor".

  The joint news network said that the Ministry of the DPP still chooses the most resurrected "red allegations", all the transcripts and posts have to stop, all comments are shut up, otherwise it is the so-called mainland "fake information" "in the groundwork", even Going to the "Guoan" level, position the incident as the "cognitive battle" of the mainland, "If you pull it, the problem is blocked, the problem is covered, and it is not necessary to pursue again."

[Global Times Special Reporter Tao Xinran] Source: Global Network Article Source: Global Times Editor: Li Xin.