The new semester opening school three training institutions are reduced.

  With the landing of the "double minus" policy, the new semester of Chongqing primary and secondary schools will fully implement after-class delay service, and the child’s school training time is also relatively reduced.

In some primary schools visiting our city, the reporter found that the common education and training advertisements in the outside schools have decreased.

  The new semester, the new village primary school in Jiangbei District implements the wrong peaks, the first 5:30, three to sixth grades, 5:40. More than 5 pm, the new village primary school entrance, many parents have waited in the designated waiting area. At this time, several institutions in the school began to send a leaflet to parents, "What kind of children are born? Calligraphy class, this weekend can come to listen … "" The baby is a few years? We specialize in children’s programming, before the baby has participated in the mathematical cultural festival … "The two propaganda received by the reporter Single for calligraphy and children’s programming, are not discipline training. A second-grade parent told reporters that some training institutions have also visited some training agencies in the school gate, including discipline training. Tortholi, parents will go to sign up.

"There are also 5:40, and the reporter rushed to Children’s Classics, students have already come out of the school, but no promotional personnel.

An security person told reporters that the school has been strictly prohibiting publicity agency within 20 meters of the school gate. Tens of meters in the school, the reporter noted that many parents took a advertisement fan, the advertising content showed that this is a training institution engaged in art and cultural training, and there is a dance, art and other training. A third-grade parent Zhou said, "When picking up a child at the last semester, it can also receive the leaflet sent by some training institutions. The discipline art training has, and this semester will start school. I haven’t seen someone yet. The promotion is issued. "Chongqing Morning News · Upstream Journalist Wang Bizhu (Editor: Cover Pure, Zhang Wei) Share more people see.