Tibet Anora County: Easy Poverty Alleviation Remove Let the People Heroes

  On July 19th, the average sea level of 5,200 meters of the Tibet Autonomous Region Anora County wind and Japanese, a non-founded literary performance and policy preaching activities were held in Zhuozi Community in Parna Town. Just after reading "Raguu", "Mangkang Hot Bar", the residential residential residential residential residents of the three dances of "Pot Zone" are very excited, because the wheel immediately came to the stage to be a public education practice activity. This year’s 33-year-old Baima is a hometown of the Township Beach Township. At the end of 2017, he and his family bid farewell to the 30 m2 of the pastoral area, moved to the Zhuozu Community located in the county, and worked in the 80 square meters of two rooms in one hall.

  In the past, there were 14 yak lives in the mountains and homes, and the annual income was less than 4,000 yuan. In October 2016, the poverty households in Anora County and the Town Township Towers participated in skills training, and Bai Ma’s first newspaper.

After successfully gotting the mining scramble and piled machinery five-level skill certificate, Bai Ma has a new job, and the current year has more than 20,000 yuan. "If there is no good policy for the party and the government, I can’t have today’s happiness.

Bai Ma said.

  More than 90% of the people in Tibet have no housing, even many serfs live in the shed with livestock in their lives. In the past 70 years, the social system has achieved great improvement in historic leaps and all national people’s production and living conditions. In 2020, Tibetan farm, herdsmen had a self-owned housing area, and urban residents had their own own housing area of ??square meters.

  Easily poverty alleviation relocation makes many people living in peace. However, what is the source of the income from the past, long-term stable income? There are 4 people in the 57-year-old Siba, who has sold more than 1,500 kilograms of milk every year by joining agricultural cooperatives, hundreds of kilograms of beef, and achieve more than 10,000 yuan.

If you count, the annual annual income of the Soba can reach 30,000 yuan.

  "Let the herders move down from the high-altitude pastoral area to resettle community, except for skill training, it is basically poverty alleviation.

"Panzar Golden Military Products Processing and Sales Professional Cooperatives" said that agricultural cooperatives can integrate scattered resources, improve the added value of agricultural products by processing yogurt, cheese, butter and other means. 2020 cooperatives pure income million 82 poor people are divided into industries and poverty alleviation benefits nearly 50,000 yuan.

  The changes brought by easy poverty alleviation are also reflected in the "one old" life. From the pastoral area to the Zhuo Zhuo Community, Niku’s child’s child Zhaxi will enter the second complete primary school study in Andora County. "The average temperature in winter pastoral area is close to less 30 ° C, and it is still very windy and the child is very inconvenient.

Now moving to the resettlement community, the child’s upper school and living conditions are greatly improved, and the whole family can be reimbursed, which is more than the easy poverty alleviation policy.

"Niko said.

  As of the end of 2020, Tibet was built in a region where the sea level was low, and the area of ??the company was completed, and more than 60,000 sets of resettlement houses were all built, and the people of the masses were moved to the new home.

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