2020 Civil Aviation Transcripts: The passenger transportation capacity is 418 million people recovered to 63.3% of the same period last year.

People’s Network Beijing June 10 (Reporter Liu Jia) Recently, the Civil Aviation Authority issued the "Development Statistics on the Development of Civil Aviation Industry" (hereinafter referred to as "Statistics Bulletin"), from transport aviation, general aviation, transportation efficiency and economic benefits, aviation 12 of safety and service quality, education and technology innovation have fully demonstrated the development of China’s civil aviation in 2020.

The transportation production is astonished, the world’s leading "Statistical Bulletin", in 2020, 2020, 20020, completed the full industry, 2020, complete the industry, complete transportation flight hours in the whole industry The relevant person in charge of Wan Xiao Civil Aviation Administration said, "The overall stable recovery of civil aviation transportation production. The company’s leading business is leading the world.

In 2020, the whole industry completed the passenger transportation volume, recovered to% in the same period last year, leading the world.

In various ways of transportation systems in my country, civil aviation passengers have relatively good recovery.

At the same time, civil aviation is based on the new development of the service, firmly grasps the strategic base point of expanding the demand for domestic aviation.

In 2020, domestic route passenger transportation returned to% in the same period of the previous year, higher than the entire industry, the fourth quarter, domestic route passenger transport volume has returned to% in the same period last year. Civil Aviation goods shipping scale recovery is at a high level. In 2020, the whole industry completes the goods and transportation volume and returned to% in the same period last year.

Looking at the route, the domestic route freight transport volume returns to% in the same period of the previous year, and the international route is restored to% in the same period of the previous year, all in higher recovery. From November-December 2020, the international shipping shipping growth rate is growing for two consecutive months. The quality of civil aviation safety operation continues to increase the "Statistical Bag", in 2020, civil aviation safety operation is smooth and controllable, transportation airlines 2020, national passenger airlines implement flights, of which Civil Aviation Bureau The relevant person in charge said that regulations and credit systems are also more perfect. In 2020, the civil aviation laws and regulations were further improved. There were 1 administrative regulations in the civil aviation industry. 9 regulations were formulated, revised or abolished; civil aviation credit management further promoted, 325 administrative penalties in the whole industry, all year round 22 A natural person is included in the list of severely lost s entrustses in the civil aviation industry because of severe confidence, and 4999 passengers are included in the list of specific severe confidential people with civil aircraft.

The large-scale professional and technical personnel team continued to strengthen the "Statistical Bulletin", as of the end of 2020, my country has 64 transportation airlines, net increase in the end of the year, my country has a regular flight route 5581, domestic routes 4686 Bar, 2020, civil aviation fixed assets have total investment of billion yuan, of which the total number of civil aviation drivers in China is 69,442, as of the end of 2020, 60,335 in the whole industry, increasing the Civil Aviation Administration of Civil Aviation Board over the previous year The relevant person in charge said, "The plane has a steady scale. As of the end of 2020, there were 64 shipping airlines in my country, increasing 2 in the end of the year.

At the end of the industry, the transport aircraft period was 3903 in the number of books, and 85 were added to the end of the year.

In the case of a large number of airlines in the world, my country’s airline team scale is slightly growing on the basis of maintaining stability due to outdoor parking as a bankruptcy.

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