2021 Digital China Innovation Competition Digital Party Construction

"Digital Party Construction" track is one of the eight major tracks of the 2021 Chinese Innovation Competition.The theme of the track is "Digital Energy", which is aimed at leading the party building innovation in digital technology, improving service efficiency, communication social governance, further released digital party bids, and promotes the national digital party construction towards new steps.The event is open to the whole society, all kinds of colleges, research institutions, institutions, institutions, developers, or individuals can sign up for entries.

The track setting "Digital Party Building Model Innovation Group" "Digital Party Building Product Innovation Group" "Digital Party Building + Red Wen Tour Innovation Group" 3 groups, each group sets 1 first prize, 2 second prizes, threeThe award, 5 Yingsheng Awards, given funds for the winners, and given project financing, entrepreneurial counseling, park settlement.