2021 Chinese Farmers Fengshang Festival Shanxi Celebration and the 7th China (Shanxi) special agricultural product transaction fair opening

  Original title: 2021 China Farmers Fengchuan Festival Shanxi Celebration and the 7th China (Shanxi) Characteristic Agricultural Products Trading Expo opening Lin Wu announced the opening and patrol Shu Fang’an speech on September 23, the Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, the Director of the Standing Committee of the Provincial People’s Congress Lin Wu announced the opening ceremony of the Shanxi Celebration of Chinese Peasants in 2021 and the 7th China (Shanxi) Characteristic Agricultural Products Trading Expo.

(Reporter Li Dianjun) is another year of autumn, and the harvest is full of three Jin Jin. On September 23, 2021 China Farmers Fengshang Festival Shanxi Celebration and the 7th China (Shanxi) Characteristic Agricultural Products Trading Expo held in Jinzhong National Agricultural Highway (Shanxi Mountain Valley). Lin Wu, secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, and the director of the Provincial People’s Congress Standing Committee, announced the opening ceremony, deputy secretary of the provincial party committee, and governor.

The National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Association, a member of the Rural Commission, and the members of the Agricultural Rural Ministry, the provincial leaders Li Fengqi, Wang Liwei attended that He Tiancai hosted the opening ceremony. On the square of the Shanxi Agricultural Products International Trading Center, the drums are awkward, the colorful flag floating, and there is a fear harvest inside and outside the venue.

At 9 o’clock in the morning, Lin Wu announced the opening of the "2021 Chinese Farmers Fengshang Festival Shanxi Celebration and the 7th China (Shanxi) Characteristic Agricultural Product Trading Expo."

Subsequently, Lin Wu and the relevant guests walked into the ownership of the Agricultural Fair, with the agricultural experts, exhibitors representatives, etc. Market price and sales channels, look at the modern new agricultural machinery equipment display, pointing to the experience of all participating exhibitions, constantly innovating the exhibition model, continuous expanding the influence of the agricultural fair, and build a broader platform for Shanxi agricultural products "go out".

Lin Wu and the guests also watched the social fire festival celebration of the social fire, square dance. Lin Wu poised when he pointed out that at the time of the fourth "China Farmers", General Secretary Xi Jinping went to the national farmers and work on the "three rural" fronts, the holiday congratulations and sincere condolences, "Three Rural" work puts forward new hopes and requirements, we must keep in mind Yin Yin, strengthen the work, and write an excellent answer. Lin Wu emphasized that the new journey of the second hundred years of struggle, the focus of "three rural" work has historic steering to fully promote the revitalization of rural villages.

To deliberately implement the party’s political policy and decision-making deployment of the Party Central Committee, adhere to the priority development of agricultural rural areas, to achieve agricultural "special" development, and comprehensively promote rural rejuvenation as a full-scale promotion of high quality development. Righteousness, accelerate the transformation of agricultural development, accelerate the pace of agricultural technology innovation, build modern agricultural industrial system, production system, business system, deepen agricultural rural reform, and increase strong farmers far-rich farmers, continue to improve agricultural rural production and living conditions, Agricultural rural modernization is injected into new vitality, so that the majority of farmers’ sesame sesame will be high.

  Entrusted by the Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, the Blue Field on behalf of the Provincial Party Committee, the Provincial Government and Organizing Committee welcomed all the guests. Thanks for the long-term support for the development of Shanxi, China Trade Promotion. He said that in recent years, the provincial party committee and the provincial government have learned in-depth study of General Secretary of Xi Jinping on the important discussion of "three rural" work. Important instructions and inspect the important speech of Shanxi, and promote the high-quality development of agricultural rural areas, and vigorously implement "special" "excellent" Strategy, gathering to build a total of top ten industries in agricultural products, continue to promote the three provincial strategies of Shanxi Rural Valley, Yanmenguan Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Trumps, Yuncheng Agricultural Products Export Platform, and specialty agriculture and agricultural products have become Shanxi promoted agricultural modernization A bright business card.

The rural faith is closely built, and the overall planning of the Shanxi Celebration of Shanxi, China Farmers in 2021, the same period is held, and it is a centralized display of Shanxi agricultural rural development. It also carries out agricultural investment trade and Exchange cooperation provides an important platform. I hope that the guests are sincere sincerely, work together to work together to make this event into a festive harvest, share the happiness of the peasant festival, and do an unlimited, fruitful agricultural event. At the opening ceremony, Lin Wu was awarded the first grade of 15 modern agricultural industrial technology systems in our province. Blue Franshan was awarded the "Baijia Grassroots Agricultural Technology Promoter" and "Baijia High Quality Farmers" in 2021. Witness the contract of the cooperation project.

  Agricultural Rural Ministry, China Trade Promotion, China Agricultural Industrialization Leading Enterprise Association’s relevant responsible comrades respectively speaking, unanimous expressed the positioning of the function, playing their own role, helping Shanxi to promote rural revitalization, and contribute to the high quality development of agricultural rural areas.

  This year, the province will hold the Fengchao Festival celebration with the two activities of China (Shanxi) Characteristic Agricultural Products Trading Expo. The celebration is the theme of "Qing Feng Yue, Sense of Tang Dang", through the series of activities of the peasant masses, fully demonstrating the beauty of Shanxi agriculture and the peasanthood style, and creates a comprehensive promotion of rural revitalization, urban and rural celebration. The strong atmosphere. The rural fair is the theme of "brand leading the market, green transformation of the new road", and the "100-year" rural history, "special" "" excellent "agricultural industry, agricultural high-tech, rural cultural integration, etc., exhibitors More than 1,500, show new image of modern agriculture in Shanxi.

  Agricultural Rural Department, China Trade Promotion Association and Qinghai, Sichuan, Gansu, Ningxia, Inner Mongolia, Shaanxi, Henan, Shandong, etc. Regions representatives, provincial departments and city counties responsible comrades attended the opening ceremony.

(Reporter Yang Wenjun).