188 billion production per second! Chinese scientists realize the world’s fastest real-time quantum random number generator

  Xinhua News Agency, July 4 (Reporter Xu Haitao) random number is an important source of resources. There are application needs in many fields such as information security, cryptography, scientific simulation, but to manually produce a large number of "real random numbers" is a problem. .

Recently, Professor Pan Jianwei, China University of Science and Technology, Zhang Jun and others, Joint Zhejiang University, Tao, Professor Tao, and achieves the fast-reaching world’s fastest real-time quantum random number generator by developing silicon-based photon integrated chips and optimization. Random number has important applications in scientific research and daily life, such as in the fields of information security and cryptography, the random number of third parties is required as the basis for security. In the fields such as games and artificial intelligence, random number is required to control the evolution of the system. In the field of weather forecast, new drug development, new material design, etc., often need to be calculated by numerical simulation, and the key to numerical simulation is to have a large number of random numbers. It is not easy to manually generate a large number of "real random numbers", and many random number generators are actually based on certain deterministic algorithms, resulting in the "pseudo-random number".

The emergence of quantum mechanics has fundamentally changing this situation because its physical process has "intrinsic randomness".

Quantum random number generators have characteristics such as unpredictability, non-repeatability, and non-biasing, and is a key core device in quantum communication systems.

  Pan Jianwei, Zhang Jun and others studied practical quantum random number generators for a long time, and has achieved a number of world leading results.

Recently, they further developed a high-speed quantum random number based on vacuum fluid, and completed experimental verification.

At the same time, they cooperate with Zhejiang University, Qing Shu Tao, etc., silicon-optic chip is prepared by multiple iterations, and achieve high intensive reality, while achieving high intensity, the real-time generation of quantum random number generators is greatly improved by further optimizing processing algorithms and hardware. rate.

  After the transmission test, the real-time generation rate of the quantum random number generator reached the record of the record, equivalent to 18.8 billion random numbers per second.

This research results have laid a technical foundation for the development of low-cost commercial quantum random number generator single-chip. A few days ago, the International Well-known Academic Journal Applied Physics Express issued this research results in the form of "cover papers".

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