Asuro sea equipment: party construction leads, 砥 砥

In order to implement the Party’s 19th National Spirit and General Secretary Xi Jinping, the spirit of the general speech, Nantong Xiangyu Marine Equipment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Zaiyu Maritime") comprehensively strengthens the party’s ideological, organizational, style, system and anti-corruption Invitably building, and strive to improve the level of enterprises, and constantly transform the party’s political advantages, organizational advantages and group work advantages into state-owned enterprises, and provide strong organizational protection for corporate science development.

The cadres group of the party organization of the Yaoqi Maritime Company, really grasped, and attacking hard.

Taking the party’s construction as the leader, through the organizing party members to watch the "layout ocean" documentary, visit Zhongxiao Garden, outdoor quality expansion training, labor workers’ skill competition, etc., strengthen the construction of talent party members, form a good development situation.

Aswrites in the sea, strengthen the construction of party style and clean government and deepen the education of anti-corruption. Asuro, the majority of party members "do not forget the initial heart to keep in mind the mission", further enhance the sense of mission and responsibility of party members, give full play to the exemplary role of party members, on July 7, 2018, organize all party members (including mobile party members) take the bus to East Town Zhongxiao Garden visits and study, revolution into the party’s oath, and remember the revolutionary martyrs. The branch actively carried out educational practice activities and carefully carried out the party’s party spiritual party discipline education and advanced typical learning. Organize the "role 3", "greed price" and other audio and video materials, organize the majority of party members to actively participate in the "seven" theme education series activities And learn to promote the party’s 19th National Spiritual Supano, Painting and Calligraphy, Photographic Competition, etc., to promote all party spiritual cultivation, ideological quality, and promote the promotion of party members’ service awareness. Dang Qi Dong, Party Secretary, General Manager, and Chairman, and Zhizhou Pioneer, as a pioneer of Xiangyu, has been a common development of enterprises in the company for many years, promoting the joint development of business operations and party building. Deng Shuji focuses on the construction of party style and honest government in the party building work of the TRAND.

He requested the system and mechanism and mechanism to establish layer supervision, mutual supervision; on the other hand, to rely on the construction system of the party’s honest government, grasp the corporate atmosphere of ventilation. Asuro sea equipment strengthened corporate culture and promoted the party building group group.

In October 2018, the leaders of all medium and senior high-rise leaders in Changshui Jiang Lane have been developed for two days. The event is the theme of "Melting Team, Growth and Win – win", is designed to exercise its strong will, enhance the team’s cohesiveness and heart force.

The melting team, the growth of the growth, and the first labor worker’s skill competition is held, which is a good training, cultivated and cultivated more high-profile technical talents, and better for the company. Spiritual, high-quality brand, strive to build international first-class ships and marine equipment manufacturing enterprises.

The first labor worker skill competition competition in the queue, the awards ceremony of the awards, the elephant sea storage continues to improve management level, improve product quality, pay attention to market analysis, clear product positioning, and constantly excavate and innovate in market waves, firmly promote the confidence and determination of lean production. There are currently 40 ship orders that have been held. This score is inseparable from the hard work of all the employees of the haircut, can’t invent full trust and strong support from all walks of life. In the future, Xiangyu sea cuts will still be willing to work forward, deepen quality resources integration of industry chain, and build international first-class marine equipment manufacturing enterprises. (Liu Xiaojian, Yongquan).