Beijing Shijingshan District launched 4 "Service Trade Association" Supporting Characteristic Tour

People’s Network Beijing September 3, 2021 China International Service Trade Fair kicked off in Beijing, in the National Convention Center and Shougang Park, the first set of "double venues". In order to create a good atmosphere of the serviceman, it is a good job in the audience from the "Eat Hours" and other aspects of the Shijingshan District. The new "Bai-this Today Steel" "Museum Jing Western" "Tide Play Card" "Shi Jinghong Travel" four tourist routes, convenient visitors in the participation in the service trade fair, deeply understand the gorgeous and giant change of Shougang, this 100-year old factory, and Xishan Yongding River Cultural charm, feel the opportunity to renew the city of Shijing Mountains.

In the four recommended lines, the "Basin Today Steel" Theme Lines include the Beijing Winter Olympics in the Shougang Garden, Winter Olympics, Ski Big Tooth, etc. Winter Olympics, also contains three blast furnaces, Shougang Limit Park, etc. Use the first steel industrial remains to renovate the new landmark, let tourists look at the first steel hundred-year-old scenery, read the first steel hundred years of history, feel the passion of ice and fire, and explore the hard core. "Museum Jingxi" theme line takes Xishan Yongding River Culture as the core, exquisite Fahai Temple Ming Dynasty mural mural, Cheng En Temple "Yanjing Eight", Jingxi Wuli, Folk Exhibition Hall, etc. Attractions are included, especially the millennium ancient road model, and many ancient hospitals with Jingxi specialty have been transformed. It is expected to officially open the street before, and the audience of the service will experience culture and Stylish organic fusion.

"Miao Fun Play" Theme line contains Shijingshan Amusement Park, Langyuan Park and other tides to play cards, bring a cool vitality experience to visitors.

In the "Shi Jinghong Travel" theme line, you can enter the 8th Treashan Revolutionary Cemetery. You can also go to the eight major parks. Visit the "Red Electric Wave" theme exhibition, feel the glory moment of the founding of the People’s Republic of China, you can also enter 4D theater , Take the "Flying China" flight, a great value of the motherland.

In addition, the Beijing West Consumption Festival in Shijingshan District is also launched on September 1, and the event runs through the service meeting.

Consumption Festival takes the "Service Trade Association" as the core, carrying out the food, tour of the Western, playing the literary, live quality, purchase trend, five major sectors, and launch more than 50 coupons. During the period, Shijingshan District will release "Jingxi Consumption Manual", "Jingxi Consumption Map, lead consumers to fight Jieshan.

The "Worry-Free Car", "Wisdom Finance", "Green Catering", "Colorful Life", "Lexing Arts" and other feature activities. Combined with the theme of the financial sector of the service, Shijingshan District will join all major banks and Lakara in the "Smart Finance" sector, accelerate the implementation of the digital RMB Winter Olympics, and create digital RMB demonstration shopping malls, demonstration stores, September 1st On September 5th, "Currency New Consumption Enjoy Enjoy the" Digital RMB "Digital RMB to promote consumption activities in Shijingshan District, Holongo International Shopping Center, consumption, consumption, some merchants who open digital RMB payment function, can enjoy preferential.

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