Chengdu released after-school service 2.0 full implementation "hosting + expansion" after-school service model

  Chengdu primary and secondary school post-class service version came. The reporter learned from the Chengdu Education Bureau on October 9th, "Notice on Deepening the Service Level Service Level Service Level Service Level Service" in Recently.

"Notice" clearly put forward that schools in the city’s compulsory education should further improve the post-class service level, fully implement the "hosting + expansion" after-school service model, and promote students’ comprehensive and healthy growth. At the same time after the post-class service, the service is not issued at the same time, specifying the holiday hosted service must not organize the collective returns to aggravate the boring burden; strictly forbidden to charge the name after class; The "Notice" requires the school to promote the comprehensive upgrade of the post-class service, in addition to the post-class operation hosted, ensure that primary school students will basically complete written operations in the school, the junior high school students have completed most written operations in the school, and also actively carry out colorful sciences. Art, sports, labor, reading, practice and other activities.

Supporting schools to teach students to study counseling. For students who have difficulty studying difficulties, they have expanded their learning space for students to learn, and better meet different students’ learning development needs.

  "Comprehensive implementation of the ‘5 + 2′ mode, realizing the needs of students’ full coverage", is a hard regulation in the Notice, requiring schools to carry out post-class services 5 days a week, carrying more than 2 hours a day, urban area After the primary and secondary school class, the end time is not earlier than 17:30, and the rural school can combine the actual flexibility to support the school to extend the service time after the students’ special needs.

Schools with special needs should provide delayed managed services, providing or contacting a managed student dinner.

Supporting junior high school school after-school services extended to late self-study, non-hosting schools late self-study end time is not late 20:00. High school schools can refer to the compulsory education school to provide lesson delay service for demand students. Supporting hosting services extending to vacation, supports schools, communities, adolescents, and science and technology museums, etc., the summer hosting model explores the weekend, holiday hosted service, service content is mainly based on quality expansion, and must not organize collective retracens to increase students’ learning burden. "Notice" also made provisions for "quality assurance" "quality inspection" "quality assurance" "quality inspection" "quality inspection" "quality inspection". (Reporter Li Yu) [Responsible Editor: Li Tingyu].