Complaint consultation, artificial customer service can not be missing (the people pay attention)

  "Say it is a 24-hour hotline, but most of the time is not found, only the prompts of the automatic voice." Not long ago, Ms. Zhou, Anhui readers, reflected it, I would like to consult with driver’s license migration, and call many times The traffic service hotline, the automatic customer service can not answer questions, and the artificial customer service will not answer for many days.

"A few days, I have called more than a dozen calls, I have not solved the problem.

Each time, the automatic customer service is also stylically asked me ‘whether the feedback on this complaint is satisfactory, is really a crying. Ms. Zhou said. Ms. Li, Mianyang Reader, Sichuan also encountered the same situation.

In order to handle the bank’s business card, she made a bank hotline. After connecting the smart customer service, she proposed the need to connect the artificial customer service, but he was jumped back to the initial interface. "I caught the artificial customer service – jumping Transfer to the repeated loop of the initial page. " In recent years, intelligent customer service has received massive applications in the service industry.

For merchants, smart customer service greatly shortens the response time and improves processing efficiency.

"Smart robots can greatly improve service efficiency." A intelligent customer service industry said that it can screen most of the basic problems while avoiding some time difference in artificial customer service. In addition, smart customer service also reduces business costs, compared to artificial customer service, smart customer service can reduce half of the operating costs. However, for the public, the smart customer service has a lot of problems, answers, stiff-hard, dead, will not change, setup complex … more troubles, when smart customer service is getting more and more popular, seeking artificial customer service to help A "luxury".

  Mr. Zhang, Nanjing, Jiangsu, is not available to the game account, so contact the customer service through the official website. "Customer service first sent a ‘common question summary’, let me fill in the account information, content feedback on WeChat applet, and finally give a link containing a solution." But when Mr. Zhang is open The page returns to the "Common Questions Summary" sector.

Subsequently, he made many calls, and there was no artificial customer service to answer.

  Jiangsu Provincial Consumer Protection Committee released the "Report of Customer Service Convenient Consumption under Digitalization", and more than 50% of respondents met customer service exchange barriers, where% said that smart customer service "Answer", can not understand,% reflects Find artificial customer service or encounter basketball, the problem is not resolved. In fact, intelligent customer service has a certain relationship with the immature problems facing technology development in practical use. Dai Xinyu, a professor of the Artificial Intelligent College of Nanjing University, said that from the technical perspective, we want to make smart customer service more "understand" human expression, and make accurate reply. Need better speech recognition technology, natural language understanding and more natural speech synthesis These are difficulties in the field of artificial intelligence research.

  In addition, the reader reflects that some companies have a cognitive deviation in the customer service, too much attention to intelligence, low cost, and neglect convenience, satisfaction.

  For the above problems, the relevant person in charge of the Jiangsu Consumer Protection Committee recommends that enterprises should continue to improve intelligent customer service systems and related technologies, improve service efficiency, and improve consumer experience; relevant departments should gradually establish unified industry standards, including customer service Duration, intelligent customer service optimization standard, artificial customer service settings and other content should have detailed delineation; intelligent customer service is included in the consumer satisfaction evaluation system, as the assessment standards for related enterprises, improve and improve consumer experience, and improve satisfaction.

  "Artificial customer service can not completely lack, smart customer service can not completely replace artificial customer service." The person in charge said that companies can’t only see the convenience of intelligent customer service, and ignored the potential damage to consumers legal rights.

For some special fields and groups, the customer service should not be set too complicated, and the "one-button transfer" should be done.