6 Ireland film masterpieces will land in China Movie Museum

People’s Network Beijing December 1st (Dong Zairui) "2021 China Film Museum International Movie Exhibition – Irish Movie Exhibition" will be opened on December 4. This exhibition selected "Brooklyn", "The First Love Song" "The Floating Rose" "Animals" and "Secret Manuscripts" and "Lobster" and other six masterpieces, and the fans friends appreciate the unique charm of Ireland movies. The relevant person in charge of China Film Museum introduced that this show the quality of the film, the style is different, and there is a high visibility. The film exhibition and December 12th, while the audience can learn the latest exhibition information through the "China Film Museum" and the "Capital Star Art Castain Hall Alliance" public number, through the cat’s eyes, Amai tickets, big eyes ticketing Online ticket purchase.

The film "Brooklyn" is a masterpiece of Yamai, the famous Ireland Director John Claier, which was finalized to the 88th Oscar Gold Award Best Film and the 73rd Golden Globe. . Telling how the actress Alice in exotic love and hometown’s attire of life choices. The film lens language is more delicate, the color is bright, the story is three fold, plus the famous actor Silsa Roan will struggle Ellis’s inner struggle. It is a romantic love classic worth repeated. The film "The Song" film fully plays an unique and use of the Irish movie to the music elements. Once the film was admitted, he became the textbook of youth film, highlighting the quality of the owners’ brave, independent and optimism. This film has obtained the best music for the 74th Golden Games with excellent play and audiovisual style.

"Floating Rose" (also known "Luo Wei") According to the contemporary drama of Rodi Diro Diro, the film is described in the style of using the documentary style, revealing the human society in the Irish society. And complex picture, film won the best Ireland film and the London Irish film festival of Dublin, the best drama of the London Ireland Film Festival. The story of the film "Animal Qiyuan" took place in the British city of Belfast during World War II.

No matter the friendship between the children, it is still a good action in human nature, and it will not be destroyed by the war.

The film has been awarded the 2018 Ajar Youth Film Festival Jership Prize, the best story film, 2018 Castelignan International Youth Film Festival Silver Castle Best Children’s Story.

The film "Secret Manuscript" was adapted according to Ireland writer Sebastian Barry, and the famous director of the Oscar nominations and the famous director and screening of Jim Sheridan were launched. The actors also gathered Native Radley, Rooney Mara, Eric Barna, Jack Leno and Endan Turner.

The story is about to close in a psychosis in Ireland. Luoshan, who has been in the hospital, to accept whether it can return to society and launched, Lady’s "Mysterious Diary" and the Diary of Jiesh, two "secrets" Manuscript, unveiled a secret history that is not known.

Fantasy film "lobster" is an extremely excellent anti-Utopian work, and is also one of the representatives of Oggks Lansmos, who is known as Stanley Cubble, full of strange, absurd and horrified. Personal style tone.

With the imagination and mature narrative structure, the film is nominated by the Cannes Film Festival, Oscar Best Original Script Nomination and Golden Games Music / Comedy Best Master Nominated. (Editor: Mencheng, Gao Xing) Share let more people see.