2021 China Red Tourism Expo opens in Jinggangshan

On October 27th, the 2021 China Red Tourism Expo opened in Jinggangshan, together with the red memory of never erhosis, long-term named, and sent it to the juniori, and joined hands to open the high-quality development of the new era of red tourism industry. New journey. Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, the provincial governor Ye Jianchun, Xie Weijiang, deputy governor Hunan Province, attended the opening ceremony and delivered speeches, provincial leaders Zhang Xiaoping, Hu Qiang, Li Huadong attended. Ye Jianchun represents the provincial party committee and the provincial government to express warm welcome to all walks of life visiting the Red Expo.

He said that Jiangxi is a red land full of red memories. He is a mountain, a mountain, a grass, witnessed the fighting footprint of the revolutionary ancestors. Red tourism inherits the red gene, transmit belief power, and disseminate strong sounds.

In recent years, Jiangxi has focused on playing the advantages of red resources and red tourism strategies, in-depth implementation of "cultural strong provinces" "tourism strong province" strategy, red tourism presents flourishing trends. In the new journey of building a socialist modern country, Jiangxi will remember the General Secretary of Near Ping, Yin Yin, in-depth implementation of the General Secretary of General Secretary, General Secretary, "July", and inspect the spirit of Jiangxi’s important speech, combined with the party history and education, and fully Promote the high-quality development of the new era of red tourism, struggling to build the national red tourism, demonstrate, and accelerate Jiangxi to become an important strategic fulcrum in the construction of new development patterns in the country.

Ye Jianchun pointed out that "Long Yong Yunzhi, heavy in Jinggangshan.

"Jinggangshan is the revolutionary mountain, fighting mountains, is also the hero of the mountains, glorious mountains. This year’s China Red Tourism Expo, the 100th anniversary of the Communist Party of China, is held in the year of the" Wan Mountain Red Wells " The theme, the meaning is significant and far-reaching.

A series of exciting activities will greatly expand the influence of China’s Red Tourism Expo, effectively enhance the time of the China Red Tourism Expo, fully highlighting the history of red tourism to carry the party, condense forces, and create a bright future characteristic and mission Watch.

We firmly believe that under the strong leadership of the Party Central and Tourism Department, the support and guidance of the central and national organs of the Tourism Department, in the support and guidance of the central and national organs of the Tourism Department, and the community of China’s Red Tourism Promotion Alliance under the support and guidance of the Cultural and Tourism Department, China Red Tourism Promotion Alliance. Under the joint efforts of the people of the art, the 2021 China Red Tourism Expo will will set off a new round of red road, talking about the red story, the red culture of the red culture, which is a new era of red tourism cross-regional linkage, high-quality development injection Strong power, adding a strong positive energy to comprehensively build socialist modern countries.

After the opening ceremony, Ye Jianchun and other leaders visited the theme exhibition of China Red Tourism Expo. In the Hunxiang Cooperative Exhibition Area, Ye Jianchun learned about the opening operation of Lushan – Jinggangshan red train. He said that the Hunxiang Mountain is in the face, the humanity is blind, the red bottom is deep, and the national strategy of the rise of the Yangtze River economic belt, the rise of the central region. Give full play to the platform role of the China Red Tourism Expo to jointly promote the construction of the Red Cultural Tourism Community and Xiangjiang Side Regional Cooperation Demonstration Zone and accelerate the development of red tourism development and promote the development of red tourism. In addition, China’s Red Tourism Expo is located in the main venue of Jinggang Mountain, also set up 4 divisions in the city of Ji’an City and Nanchang, Zhangzhou and Pingxiang.

Wuxiang two provinces handed together four major events and ten series activities, etc., the theme exhibition, the literary evening, the summit forum, and the first time set up the "Online Red Expo" cloud exhibition hall, showing China’s red tourism promotion 29 provinces (districts, municipal) members of the Union, 24 counties in the Hongqing Red Cultural Tourism Community, in the development of regional cooperation, jointly promote the development of red tourism development, new achievements, new highlights.

(Reporter Liu Yong) (Editor: Qiu Wei, Rona) Sharing let more people see.