Accurate training and training

Effective Design Project Ensure Training Accurate and Efficient This training work is based on the weak link of the grassroots discipline committee to review, highlight practical, practical, effectiveness, training through the "immersive" experience.

The training plan of the Commission for Discipline Inspector was accepted from internal personnel to personally got a group, saving training funds while improving training efficiency.

For the first time, he served as the deputy director of the Commission for Discipline Inspection, Lei Tingting, deputy director of the Commission, the discipline committee, and the third-level assistant Wang Wei. The evaluation of approaching the full score.

Considering that most people were unfamiliar with the discipline of the discipline and even met the report, the Commission for Discipline transferred a report of the report letter reflected in the selection of the leading cadres and the work style, requiring all the disciplines to complete the problem. The registration form and report to the discipline committee for approval and start writing a primary nuclear program. The Commission for Discipline Inspection is a review guide for the issuance of the issuance of the 15 discipline stories. At the same time, three faculty continuously improve the refinement of training programs, simulate training scenarios, and giving birth to the rich experience of their own discipline, hoping to solve the grassroots discipline committee in accordance with the training. Use a detachment. Innovative training mode The content is functional and the training is officially started after the pre-preparatory preparation. At the opening ceremony, Yan Tinglin, deputy secretary of the party committee, secretary of the Discipline Committee, mobilized, demanding that the discipline committee should be a platform for the training, actively participate, study hard, achieve the purpose of promoting business, strong colleges, and practical learning , Learn from it.

Training takes the instructor teaching and group simulation in combat interaction.

Three faculty members have been taught around the registration and signing of the problem, the writing of the initial nuclear program, the implementation of the initial nuclear work, the statistics of the case data archive management and the discipline review data, and the relevant requirements and precautions for the disposal of the problem. Detailed explanation.

During the simulated practice, various groups of students were seriously discussed, actively participated, the discipline staff followed up, on-site guidance, combined with the actual situation, pointing out what they needed in the process of handling, let everyone understand the discipline Seriousness and stringency. During the "conversation", all students are not billed, seriously think about, design and talk outline, and actively participate.

The Commission for Discipline Inspection also cooperates with the "Talks" and sets small traps in the process of talking, fake playing mobile phones, setting up the content of the newspaper, helping the students experiencing the difficulties in the process of conversation. Focusing classroom experience student deeply unsatisfactory "The content of this training is rich, and the contents of the comrades of the Commission for Training is full.

"This type of training is very good. Everyone actively participates in it. In the practice process, it also combed the rules and regulations involved in the problem clues.

"… After the training, each group of students said that the training faculty was inserted, organized precision, to carry out training, teaching form, the topic, the theme, and the training process passed through horizontal communication, and deeply experienced The complexity and rigor of Ji Ji review, fully understand the importance of building a unit’s wind and gas is a good political atmosphere, and has practical guiding significance to the grassroots discipline committee.

After listening to the feelings of the students, Yan Tinglin was fully affirmed.

He said that this training is not only simple business training, but also a political and ideological education for everyone.

As a political organ, disciplined unit, the discipline, to take the lead in politics, obedience, and continuously enhance the "four awareness", and firm "four confidence" to do "two maintenance". (Wang Wei, Bai Jianlong) (Editor: Yang Rui, Han Ting) Sharing let more people see.