Can vaccines "mix"? A needle, two needles, three-needle difference? Expert answer makes you rest assured

  □ Henan Daily reporter Wang Ping’s new crown vaccination in our province is working in an orderly manner. According to the requirements of more than 40% of the permanent population, this part of this group of people should complete the first agent second before June 9.

  For those who have not yet vaccinated, can I put the first needle after June 9? What is the next vaccination plan? Is the vaccination vaccination charge? In response to the public’s most concerned issues, the reporter interviewed the Henan Provincial CDC.

  How to arrange the recent vaccination work? A: After June 9, the second dose was concentrated for a population that had been vaccinated.

However, for special needs,, for example, the first dose of vaccine is continued for example, because of the person who needs to prevent and control from abroad or other epidemic.

After July, the first dose and the second dose of inoculation work will continue to be fully advanced. Does the new crown vaccine begin to charge? A: At present, the current inoculation is based on the need for new coronal pneumonia epidemic prevention and control, combined with the practical and current vaccination work arrangements of vaccine supply, in accordance with the principle of ladder, highlight key, informed consent, voluntary and free vaccination, and subtle to each step Classic population conducts vaccination.

  Ask the manufacturer’s different vaccines to "mix"? A: According to the State Council’s document instruction requirements of the new coronal pneumonia epidemic situation association mechanism, according to the principle of informed, consent and voluntary, in the province, in the province, according to the inoculation process, the province can renew its same Variety of new crown vaccines. At present, it is recommended to use the same vaccine product to complete inoculation. If the vaccine cannot continue to supply, the vaccination of the vaccine is inoculated, and the vaccine of other production enterprises can be used in the same type of vaccination.

  Asking a needle, what is the difference between two needles, three-needle vaccine? A: The new crown vaccine currently used includes inactivating vaccine, adenoviral carrier vaccine and recombinant protein vaccines, which are characterized in vaccine components, production processes, immunogenic and immunoad. The main feature of inactivating the vaccine is that the process matures, the quality is stable, generally to play two needles, the first needle excitation immune system generates memory cells, the second needle induces stronger antiviral immune memory reaction; the efficiency of the adenoviral carrier vaccine is relatively high , A needle is immunized to the whole process, and the vaccination rate of the whole process can be improved; the recombinant protein vaccine is a three-needle, and the three needles will be optimally immune. These three types of vaccines are safe and effective, and the quality controllable vaccine is fully vaccinated.

However, it should be noted that in this stage, it is recommended to use the vaccination of the same technology route. For example, the first needle vaccination of recombinant protein vaccines, which can only be inoculated with this type of vaccination, and inactivate the vaccine. The public must have completed the whole process according to the requirements, and it cannot be used for halfway, otherwise it will not meet the best protection effect of the vaccine setting.

  Asked whether the virus variant is effective? A: The existing study found that although in vitro tests revealed that the neutralization of antibodies induced by various vaccines would be reduced in mismatarism, but from the current global data, the vaccine still has a protective role in various variants.

  Once our existing vaccine cope with variants, my country’s inactivated vaccine can also be adjusted to respond, and vaccine for variants can be quickly developed.

(Editor: Jiang Fruit, Yang Xianna).