Bijiang measures and deduct the "wind discipline" of youth cadres

This newspaper (Yang Daihua) "Youth Cadres should always be in front, consciously enhance disciplinary awareness, rule awareness, responsibility awareness, a good cadre of civil affairs, recently, in Tongren City Bijiang District Party School youth In the department-level cadre training course, the Secretary of the Bijiang District Commission for Discipline Inspection has titled the "Strict Discipline Rules, the Party and the People", and got a vivid and honest party lesson for young cadres.

In recent years, the Bijiang District Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission has insisted that the education management supervision of youth cadres is in high-out position, keeping against key areas, key positions, starting from strengthening discipline and rules, comprehensive use of war, clean government education, case warning All kinds of forms, from stricting good young cadres education, supervision, and deduct young cadres "wind discipline". The discipline committee of the District Commission for Discipline Inspection and Commission from the selection, disciplined education, supervision and investigation of the selection and decline, and creating a closed loop of preventing corruption. In the selection and appointment, strict the young cadres in the mouth, put political standards as the primary conditions of the selection of young cadres, joint organization, people and other departments to improve the recruitment review of young cadres, and propose the integrity and self-discipline review of cadres, choose Young cadres who have excellent political quality, optimize young cadres from the source. In order to improve the disciplinary rules of the youth cadres, the regular conversation of the District Commission for Discipline Inspection and Commission, to carry out the previous conversation, through accurate master’s mind, work situation, and "discipline + feed" method, for youth cadres to deduct integrity "First tablet".

Normalization conducts disciplinary education lecture halls, through the main leaders of the district committee, the main leaders of the District Commission for Discipline Inspection and Communications Employment Committee entered the party school to tell the young cadres to talk about the traditional parties, popularize the party regulations. The violation of the youth cadres and disciplined early finding early investigation, and put an end to small problems. At the same time, the District Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission as an important starting in case warning education mechanism, through the case of the case, the case, the next listening trial, etc., let the people have warned, education. In view of the fields, positions, precision policy, urge the competent system, to accelerate the construction of integrity risk point system, and improve the law-abiding consciousness. "Youth cadres are the power of the unit, whether it can be honest and self-discipline, which is not only related to their personal destiny, but also the development of the party and the country.

"The relevant person in charge of the audit committee of the county discipline committee said that he has supervised the premium movement, the system forward movement, and the advancement of education, helping youth cadres grasp the right life direction and steady the way.

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