China Amateur Tennis Open Beijing Station officially started

People’s Network Beijing October 18 (Reporter Yang Lei) On October 16th, China Amateur Tennis Open (hereinafter referred to as "CTAOpen") Beijing Station officially waved in the National Tennis Center.

As a station in the 7th-station series of CTAOpen, Beijing Station will be jointly hosted by the China Tennis Association, Beijing China Tennis Open Sports Promotion Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "China Network").

CTAOpen originated in the 1997 China Amateur Tennis Grand Prix. Since the rename of "China Amateur Tennis Open" in 2009, the 110-stop event is held in 38 cities across the country to promote the popularity of mass tennis.

In 2021, CTaopen Beijing Railway Station has 13 projects, of which elite groups and group groups have men and women singles, men and women, double hits, mixed double hits, Evergreen groups set up men and women, mixed double hit 3 projects, total bonus is 48500 Yuan. Athletes need to conduct "China Tennis Association Tennis Sports Technology Level (CTN)" before the competition, and athletes who have obtained CTN level 4-6 can sign up for Elite Group competitions.

Athletes who have obtained CTN level 7-10 can sign up for Group in British competition.

Get a CTN level 4-10 and athletes over the age of 40 and or 40 can sign up for the evergreen group competition.

As a joint organizer of the event, Li Xiaobin, Party Branch, President, Beijing China Tennis Open Sports Promotion Co., Ltd., said CTaopen is a national amateur tennis series event aimed at promoting the popularity of mass tennis, hoping to cover all The annual tennis promotion activities, built a series of activities that can participate in a variety of people can participate in a series of activities that can participate in the entire tennis ecological industry with tennis.

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