Commonly guarding the development of gums and green mountains in the Green Shanshan Daxinganling

Li Jinlong, deputy advisor, deputy adviser, Daxing’anling Region, with a reporter.

Shi Qi Lili said that after the separation of political and enterprises, the Daxinganling should adhere to the principle of protecting and developing, in a larger range, a wider area, and deeper communication cooperation.

There are mainly four aspects: First, we will jointly grasp the forest fire prevention. The Daxing’anling Forest fires grew with the people’s livelihood in the forest area, and the concern of the party’s central government, for the ground, safeguarding the national ecological security is "the big people of the country", and doing a good job in doing a good job is the greatest political. Daxing’anling will continue to anchor the goal of "people are not in trouble, lightning fire but night", strictly implement the "three lists" and other working mechanisms such as "two books" and other work mechanisms, coincidence, jointly defense, with the most determined attitude , The fastest action, the most powerful initiative, resolutely hit the battle of the Senfish defense series, and fully maintain the ecological safety of forest area. The second is to jointly protect the green mountains. Daxing’anling is the first choice for the Ministry of Ecological Environment, Heilongjiang Province, is actively declaring the creation of the national ecological civilization construction demonstration zone; the forestry group "Forest and Wetland Ecological Product Assessment and Green Value Accounting Project" has passed the Chinese Forest Society expert review.

In order to build a higher level of ecological civilization, the two sides of the country will conduct pragmatic cooperation, develop the carbon discharge economy, strive for ecological compensation, etc., polish the ecological brand, and consist of "ecological rich ore". The third is to accelerate green development.

Give full play to the respective advantages of the land enterprises, vigorously develop the ecological industry, and strive to achieve the goal of government tax increase, corporate efficiency, and people’s income. Actively strengthen docking in eco-tourism, green mining, navigation town, forest carbon, etc., in terms of investment promotion, recruitment and wisdom, brand creation and other aspects, and effectively convert resource advantages into economic advantages. The fourth is to complete infrastructure. Adhere to the integration of the integration, combined with stereo.

The genus government must implement the subject’s responsibility, and the forestry enterprises actively cooperate with active participation. Synchronize planning, synchronous declaration, synchronization, and not missing in project construction. Establish and improve the mechanism of coordination, in the overall planning and project reserves, fully communicate, jointly review, and do a good job; in the previous form of land, forest land, etc., support, simplify the process, compression time limit; emergency rescue, digital forestry , Mobile communication, road traffic, etc. Infrastructure construction, joint sharing, strive to achieve the superposition effect of "1 + 1 greater than 2".