Chinese herbal medicine science experience class opened into campus

Original title: Chinese herbal medicine science experience class opened into the campus this newspaper (Reporter Sun Yunke) Recently, in the half-acre garden of Tongzhou, Beijing Primary School, the six-third-class student got a nifaring Chinese herbal medicine planting science experience class. The Chinese herbal medicines such as the Beijing Agricultural Technology Extension Station have entered a mature period, orange red, bright yellow, and purple blue plants to attract children near the experience, and plant Chinese medicine culture. Huang Cancan chrysanthemum, fresh mint, yellow white multi-shaped honeysuckle … Beijing elementary school Tongzhou Branch Comprehensive Building is half-ace, all kinds of Chinese herbal medicine is growing.

Ding Zero, with the next courses, the sixth class students came out of the classroom and came to this nature class.

"The root of the blue root is washed, can be processed into the blue roots of the blue roots when we caught a cold, and the platycodon is also called ‘native ginseng’, there is the effects of cough and phlegm, empty lus pressing." Every Chinese herbal medicine in front of me Special uses, experts talk about, students listen, while observe, touch these "magical plants", and some will smell.

  Li Da, who took the naughty, was carefully scratched, and Li Lin, expert, Municipal Agricultural Technology Promotion Station, took off the leaves of dandelions, extruded the water wipes in the wound surface, "Dandelion has the effect of clearing heat and detoxification, can accelerate the wound healing. "On the other hand, the language class represents Ma Ruoxian pointed to the burdock." Dad said to me to spend the burdock, but also made a nutrition to the grandparents to eat, he said that he often eats the health of your health.

"The senior agricultural division of Beijing Agricultural Technology Promotion Station introduced that in April this year, the technical staff in the station and Beijing primary school Tongzhou were established in the campus, 28 kinds of medicinal plants, including dandelion, mint Hut grass, blue roots such as Banziang, Square, chrysanthemum, gold and silver flowers, etc. A total of 16 traditional Chinese herbs, and 12 aromatic plants.

In a few months, under the careful care of the students, all kinds of herbs have thrive and enrich the children’s extracurricular life. Hu Donghao, deputy director of Beijing Primary School Tongzhou Branch, said that there have been more than 3 years in the school to open the Chinese medicine culture class, inviting many Chinese medicine teachers to enter the classroom, four, five, six-grade students, currently covered nearby 3,000 students.

Not only that, the school also opened a 3 acres of vegetable gardens in the east side of the playground. It should plant sweet potatoes, celery, colorful peppers, soybeans, lead the children to plant, water, soil, harvest, and let students experience farming. Fun, close to the field nature. In recent years, the Beijing Agricultural Technology Extension Station has combined its own technical advantages, combined with the primary and secondary school practice big class in the Tongzhou Xixian Junxun Village, Huairou Moon Lake Park, Haidian Baiwang Agricultural Park, Fangshan Grass Root Hall and other places to build 7 , Science demonstration planted 178 Chinese herbal medicines, which provides a rich choice for citizens and students, providing a rich choice for traditional Chinese medicine cultural knowledge. Under the guidance of experts, children learn Chinese herbal knowledge.

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