Accelerate the reduction of Chengdu Jintang County to make real estate registration existing speeds more temperature

Register center.

Jin Tang County Party Committee Propaganda Department is a recent recently, in order to remove the "Wan Bang Yuecheng" owners to handle the obstacles of the ownership certificate, Chengdu Jintang County Real Estate Registration Center promptly opened the emergency application program.

All departments have worked together, and the registration certificate of 310 household purchase households is completed within 5 working days, and the record of the speed of the registration of the real estate registration is refreshed.

It is understood that the Jintang County Real Estate Registration Center has been pursuing the efficiency of the high-efficiency certificate in recent years, and constantly balancing between the bottom line of the registration work and the improvement efficiency, striving to make the real estate registration have both speed more temperature.

After several years of practice, I found a registration path that meets the Characteristics of the Tang Tang. First, take the technology expressway to speed up the registration. Removal of real estate is accelerated through the "Internet +" to speed up "approval."

The registration center is on the "Silver Government" system, constructs "external network application, internal network review" model; launched the "Tangtang County Real Estate Registration Center" WeChat public account platform to build a multi-dimensional service hall.

Through technological means, the real estate registration speed from the initial 30 working days, compressed to mortgage registration 1 working day, other regular business 2 working days. At present, the Jintang County Real Estate Registration Center is studying the application of scientific and technological in real estate registration business in the Jintang County Recognition, let the real estate registration work open new chapters. The second is to reform Dongfeng, which is reduced.

Combined with the business environment construction, Joint Jinotang County tax, residential, water and electrical department to carry out real estate registration "window acceptance, integrated service"; set "enterprise-selling window", specially handle the stock of non-residential transfer registration between enterprises; registration, tax " Entry, "no need to sign, ready to do, 90 minutes to set up; cancel the stock of non-residential housing sales contract network signed by non-residential housing sales contract, implement the registration fee; carry out the resettlement housing registration linkage.

The third is to bring together the strength of the department and make a combination of punch.

In accordance with the principle of "according to law, respect the history", adhere to the legacy of the real estate registration and the examination and approval, acceptance of the pre-conditions; adhere to the legacy issues of the real estate registration, and pay the tax payment according to law (fee) Synchronization Adhere to the legacy of the real estate registration, the illegal violations of the laws and regulations are processed; joint petition, residential construction, taxation, judiciary, financial, public security, subregional street office and other key departments, implement legacy issues and procedures, collection departments Strength sweep the registration barrier.

Real estate registration center. The Propaganda Department of Jinotang County Party will be mapped (responsible: Feng Yuanyuan (intern), Xue Yingjian) Share let more people see.