Chen Xi Brand Management (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. holds the red house 号 音 餐 餐 厅 酒

Chen Xi Brand Management (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Hands in the Red Pavilion Music Restaurant Bar reached a strategic partnership, red museum nickname music restaurant bar brand: Le Zhi Wing Culture Development (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Boya (China) group. This strategic cooperation is the most popular Livehouse Performance Music Restaurant in the mainland entertainment industry, while Boya’s strongest original musician base is also settled in Shanghai Red Pavilion. The red gallery is a living dynamic design concept, so that the food scene and the space scene are all seamlessly connected to the interior. With the time in the day, the three senses will be distinctly experienced. .

Summer insects have seen autumn leaves fall, autumn leaves fall into Benkawa. 2nd floor of the Red Pavilion, 2nd Floor, 7 private rooms "Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Zi" The lighting equipment is also one of the necessary boxes of a event dinner, up to 100 people can accommodate activities and dinners. Red Pavilion Room Restaurant Music Restaurant 1st Floor Music Performance Every evening 8:30 officially started to the early morning, there is a well-known national singer band, shake network red singer sang for you.

You can also sing your songs here for your friends. This is also a good place for marriage. The red gathering has a professional marketing plan for you to make your private banquet. Chen Xi brand management is a brand management company integrating online platform sales promotion drainage and offline event promotion services.

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