Da Jiangdong | Service into the Expo, from a family of people in the Yangtze River Delta

The task is arduous, but the police of Qingpu Branch is not a "alone fight". Relying on the long triangular integrated demonstration zone police cooperation mechanism.

Since October 25, the "neighbor" Jiashan County Public Security Bureau also sent a police to fight side by side.

The maritime departments of the two places are also present, and the ship "a little four inspection" is achieved.

In the Yangtze River Triangle Demonstration Zone, three main channels in the border between Shanghai, Zhejiang, can see the three places of law enforcement power cross-provincial cooperation.

"At the same time, law enforcement, squeezed the space of the ship violator", Jiashan County Traffic Law Enterprise Yaozhuang Team Deputy Captain Chen Fengguang said in the field of illegal conduct, illegal personnel information inquiry, case transfer, etc., integration cooperation improved cases Handling the collaboration, "Effective to combat illegal crimes, jointly guarantee the security of the Expo," in terms of road transportation, the Yangtze River Delta Shanghai Provincial Highway Shenjiahu, Hui, Shanghai Chang three inter-provincial card mouth, Each bay has a collaborative survey of the police in both high-speed two places. In the "one-point two inspection" security mode, the over-vehicle vehicle and "two passengers" and other key vehicles are checked, effectively improve the check-inspection capacity of the provincial high-speed road. Disposal efficiency of emergencies. "This year, we sent 14 team members. Under the unified dispatch of the municipal health department, we will do a good job in disease prevention and control. Safety or order, must be unloraity, in addition to personnel service guarantee, patient biological prevention and environmental disinfection guarantee is also carried out every day, in related pharmacterical warehouses, 2,000 sets of personal protective equipment, more than 10 emergency medicines have been in place. Epidemic eruptions have given higher requirements to disease control work. "Especially cross-regional joint defense association, especially" Pan Junfeng said that by the long triangulation integration is the national strategy "Dongfeng", Qingpu, Wujiang, Jiashan, established a long triangulation of the Delta Integrated Demonstration Zone Disease Control Alliance.

The three local disease control departments signed an agreement to establish alliance work mechanisms, and formulate the content of the alliance work, all-round, build a public health emergency response area, regional major activities, and build special disease prevention and control model, regional Popularization of epidemiological investigation of linked people. After the establishment of the Alliance, we launched a series of drills, competition activities, and Pan Junfeng, and Qingpu, Wujiang and Jiashan jointly launched a series of biological anti-terrorism emergency drills. In the case of the program, many scenes have been developed, effectively improved emergency treatment ability, "through experience sharing, information Unicom, the promotion of the three places in the three places has played a positive role." Common service, show business environment "long triangle Integrated development, give us a chance to participate in service guarantees! "For ten days before the opening of the 4th China International Import Expo, Zhu Yi from the Wujiang District Market Supervision Administration will go to Qingpu report, check the surrounding hotel Equipment security, raw materials safety and environmental hygiene in the restaurant store.

This year, Qingpu, Wujiang, and Jiashan, the market supervision department established 143 people’s fourth-year entry service guarantee service team, and on October 28th, I was concentrated in the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai) office building, in the Expo exhibition. , The exhibition, withdrawal of three stages of service guarantee, assume food safety, special equipment security, consumer rights disposal, advertising supervision, price supervision, intellectual property protection and other functions.

"Whether the operation of special equipment such as elevators is good" "Whether the restaurant is in the shelf life" "There is no roll-off price" and Qingpu peers, Zhu Yi frank, close to the Expo, professional and meticulous service Impressed, "I have just been working soon, I can have such an opportunity, especially lucky, I have to study, take my good experience, good practice." "I have been coming last year, because the epidemic is suspended, this year recovery After I immediately registered ", Shao Chengchao is the cadres of Jiashan County Market Supervision Administration, according to epidemic prevention requirements, on October 22nd, I went to Qingpu, and the whole body was invested into the Expo service guarantee.

During the invoicing, the Qingpu District Market Supervision Administration has set up a corporate service area in the exhibition hall, providing enterprises to provide registration licenses, intellectual property and other business handling and consulting services, and provide business licenses, food for all kinds of enterprises and branches. One-stop processing service such as business license.

"My main industry is a supervision and management of drug equipment and intellectual property, learning this knowledge, and I will enter the Expo is a very good platform." Shao Chengyue said.

"In the exhibition hall, we have established a long-term-integrated demonstration zone court service guarantee to enter the exhibition, including cross-domain, legal advice, predecessor mediation and other functions," Zhang Fuquan, deputy dean of Qingpu District People’s Court, said second During the third year of the third year, Wujiang and Jiashan Court sent 12 young police officers to enter the exhibition hall to carry out litigation services, legal advice.

The team walks into the exhibition hall, exchanges, answers legal issues, and distributes publicity materials, promotes the judicial policies and judicial initiatives of the China Court to optimize the business environment, and are generally welcomed by exhibitors and buyers.

"This year, we will also take the court, enter the pavilion, carry out a litigation service work, show the global exhibitor, and the Global Exhibitor Business Environment." Wu Xiaoguo, the People’s Tribunal, the People’s Court of Qingpu District, said. A total of opportunities, and achieve new development as the home place of the Expo. Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center, Shanghai Qingpu District has been organized in the service guarantee in the past three years, and it has gained a series of development opportunities.