Dajiangdong ︱ Shanghai year-end inventory, the plenary meeting solemnly

Shanghai elderly university students learn operational equipment in wisdom health hut. Zhu Shui seedlings have a digital transformation of economic digitalization, and promote the implementation of national significant strategies.

In order to build the specific initiatives formed by Pudong Socialist Modernization, there are digital reinsurance registration and clear settlement platform, financial data port, etc. Development, there is a digital long triangle construction project. Shanghai is also vigorously implemented industrial base rendering projects, accelerating domestic software pilot applications, and launches 40 city-level intelligent factories. Shanghai continues to promote government affairs services "one network", urban operation "one network" construction.

Run around the city "Situation is fully inferior, the trend intelligence, the resources are fully intelligent, the actionmanship", focus on "Efficient disposal one thing", realize the "one-screen view", one network management whole city ", enhance urban governance scientificization , Refine, intelligent level. "One Netcom" platform system has access to 3,396 public service matters, and the actual server has reached%. Through the business process revolutionary re-creation of 27 high-frequency "one thing", the "one office" "Delivery Office" has been promoted, with an average minus link, 54% reduction, 75% reduction material, and reduce the transmission 71%. "One Network Standards" iterative upgrade, basic construction of the city, the district, the street town three-level platform and the city, district, street town, mesh, community (building) five-level application architecture, 210 systems of accessing 67 departments, 1150 Application.

This year, China’s first large-scale urban operation digital signs system was launched, and a more complete index system was initially constructed, playing an important role in actual combat, flood control and high passenger flow management. In July, the promotion of Shanghai Life Digital Transition Trial Action Plan, enhancing various public services "digital accessibility" level, has been included in the "bottom line of people’s livelihood".

During this year, Shanghai will have more than 130 APPs and public service websites close to the people’s relationship to complete the adhesion and accessibility.

At the Yangpu District University Road, more than 200 shops accept digital empowerment, moving to the line through digital twin technology to create a "digital transparent street".

Yangpu District, which was selected "National Intelligent Social Governance Experimental Comprehensive Base" is committed to making every corner to become a digital experimental field. Open by ”, accelerate with ‘creation’, with ‘dry’.

"At the plenary, the Municipal Party Committee, the Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, the Secretary of the Yangpu District Committee, said. Tight at the anti-epidemic prevention -" Grasping the first 24-hour gold time "this plenary meeting, and the representative of the conference wear a mask.

Shanghai has just appeared three soil diagnosed cases, and new new crown virus variants, O’K, let the world tighten the nerves. This winter, spring, epidemic prevention and control faces greater pressure.

Epidemic prevention and control, Shanghai has never been loose. Actively restore, develop economy, enjoy a beautiful life, and catch the epidemic prevention and control and control. In September, the National Health and Justice Committee held a live meeting in Shanghai, summed up, and promoted the prevention and control of epidemic prevention and control.

Under the impact of the essatus, Shanghai still handed a wonderful economic development, social governance, and people’s livelihood. In October, Shanghai Disneyland, involving tens of thousands of closed garden screenings, accompanied by gorgeous fireworks, became a good story in the history of anti-. This time, the new 3 cases of confirmed cases have long residence time in Shanghai, the interaction activities are rich, and the scope of investigation is wide. Even so, this city of nearly 25 million people is still grasp, it is stressful. No need for nucleic acid detection, you can also do well. In November 25, it was determined that the infected person, Into the stem of the virus on the 28th, 28th, Shanghai Xinguan Pneumonia Clinical Treatment expert group leader Zhang Wenhong said proudly in Weibo: "Shanghai epidemic proximity to sweep". "The normalized epidemic prevention and control can best test a city’s governance ability. I often listen to the public that life is happiness in Shanghai." Shanghai Municipal Government Cooperation Exchange Office Party Secretary, Director Yaohai said.

"We adhere to the people’s first, life first, grasp people, things, the environment is related to the same defense, close to the city, the foothold, the mobile, employment posts, school doors, monitor whistle six key joint points, continue to investigate, supplement On the board, from the strict consequences of complete process closed-loop management. "Li Qiang mentioned that as a large city, port city, economic center city, Shanghai assumes 1/3 of the national air passenger transportation, 1/2, epidemic situation The responsibility of prevention and control is significant.

In response to each native new, Shanghai has carried forward "things but night" spirit, grabbing the first 24-hour "gold time", quickly accurately carrying out stream trace, grading classification delineates the scope of control. The population of Shanghai vaccination has taken 93% of the city’s resident population.

With the joint efforts of the people of the city, Shanghai has adhered to the national gates, consolidating prevention and control results, and made Shanghai contribution to the national anti-disease struggle.

"Shanghai’s grades are not easy." Zhang Zongming, member of the Shanghai Municipal Government Party Group, "Don’t pass the difficulty. Our cultural experience is fast, scientific, rigorous, accurate work to virus The speed of propagation.

"This anti-vloal transcript is also the emergence of Shanghai’s urban spirit and character. Just as the Shanghai Municipal Party Committee is not long ago," the same boat is in the same boat when the storm is hitting, and it is in the same way when he is hidden. Don’t slack off, struggle to enter, essence on daily positions, pursue the ultimate, in the usual life of friends, love, harmony.

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