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According to data, the import and export of cross-border e-commerce in China reached trillion yuan last year, which increased by nearly 10 times higher than five years ago. It is expected that China’s cross-border e-commerce will reach trillion. The global cross-border e-commerce development will usher in high-speed growth during 5 to 10 years after the epidemic.

The rapid development of cross-border e-commerce, the extensive rise of digital trade, has brought unprecedented opportunities for China’s supply chain system, but China’s cross-border e-commerce logistics, exposed its own short board in high-speed development: lack overseas digital international The trade platform, cross-border e-commerce logistics enterprise is insufficient, the international express service is weak & hellip; & hellip; how to develop a global and regional supply chain logistics system capable of supporting cross-border commercial state under development? For China’s cross-border e-commerce logistics enterprises, the challenge has just begun. 1 Totive International Digital Business School: New stage of development, new upgrade of talents recently, the action digital business school ushered in another new partner Zhejiang Yangtang International Logistics Co., Ltd.. The Opening Ceremony of the International School of Title was successfully held in the form of online. Cheng Kechao, Chairman of Zhejiang Yangtang International Logistics Co., Ltd., and the responsible person of the Action Education Curriculum, Ye Yun, etc. Action Digital Business School As a coented over 600 listed companies, China Management Education First Action Education Representative Products, is currently with double gun technology shares, guest sauce group, Guangdong Hengxing Group, Wendu Education Group, Many large enterprises and commercial organizations such as Medalg Group, Shaanxi Tiede Group, Yu Musi Group, Bai Yuemei, Xi’an Baby Group, to help enterprises to establish a sound digital training system, and cultivate outstanding management talents. The epidemic catalyzed a new growth of cross-border e-commerce, and the international logistics industry is driving at a fast-moving trail of rapid development. In the face of talents under high-speed expansion, Zhejiang Yangtang International Logistics Co., Ltd. chooses to cooperate with action digital business schools to create a learning organization that adapts to the era change, and establishes new talent standards in the enterprise to achieve rapid replication of talents.

Cheng Ke Chao, Chairman of Zhejiang Yangtang International Logistics Co., Ltd. said that the international foundation for ten years, and the tenet of forever is constant is to let employees get better and better, so that the company is more and stronger.

As companies continue to develop, I am more felt the importance of learning, especially the importance of a learning organization. In the past, we have experienced knowledge training within the enterprise, and there have been various training reached with external partnerships, but we found that even though we are doing serious, but learning is not enough system, can’t constitute a complete learning chain, our growth It is not on one side.

Although there are many investment, the effect is very common.

Since coming to the learning of action, I found that the learning of action is very logical, I am more felt the professionalism of action education. In recent years, the market has been burst, and our team expansion is also very fast.

We have focused on the business sector, and there is still a lot of progress space for the cooperation of the talent system.

I have been thinking, how to build my business university quickly, let people replicate quickly. If we rely on the existing talent system, we want to land the University of Business is a relatively long process.

So we choose to cooperate with the Action Digital Business School to quickly build our own learning system. Many executives have started from the grassroots, and too much management is to override the river. Although it is often the past, but all the way is still touched, and the company also pays a lot. With a platform for action digital business schools, I hope that all of our management can get systematic training; and I hope that grassroots employees have a good growth path. I wish all the foreigners, growing their respective positions, achieve their own dreams! Learning organizations are to enable organizational members to study, and obtain the ability to deal with external variations, and use this capability to succeed in today’s complex and varied business environments.

As the Chairman of Cheng Ke Chao said that in the high-speed growth stage of the enterprise, only pays attention to learning, to create a learning organization, to make employees get better and better, so that the company is more and stronger. The Action Digital School of Action is awarded a letter of admission and badge for the students of the National Digital Business School Dean and the Learning Officials.

Within the next 22 weeks, the participants of the Title International Digital School of Traditional Chinese Medicine will conduct strategic design, talent management, efficiency management, marketing management, sales management, sales management, and six major learning research institutes of corporate culture.

At the badge, the participants listened carefully to the introduction of Ye Yun Teacher Ye Yun, the leader of the research and development of the action education curriculum, and the curriculum development will be committed to doing three things to the Tiri International Digital Business School: First, FAQ.

All the doubts in the study will be the first time to answer the first time; second, the job is changed, and the teacher will strictly score, the quality of the high quality, strong land, the maintenance of the land; the third, organize the landing seminar Help you will have the truly in the enterprise.

Teacher Ye Yun stressed: I believe that through 6 months training, you can not only have a major breakthrough in thinking cognition, but also have a huge change in practice.

Let us work together to grow together! After the opening ceremony, the foregoing of the Titting International Digital Business School will complete the repeated place anytime, anywhere, and the weekly exam is improved. The monthly collective research growth program PK, each quarter results before the annual school graduation ceremony, form a self-study , The closed loop of organizational discussion, in the learning organization, self-transcendence, change the mind, to work on the vision, team study, system thinking, condense new collective wisdom, let individuals and enterprises create new stages, embark on new journey.

2 Meet the opportunity, meet the evolution of the epidemic in my country’s cross-border e-commerce industry, cross-border e-commerce logistics is also booming in my country’s import and export trade, cross-border e-commerce The weight is low, but the value is higher than the value.

It is estimated that by 2025, my country’s cross-border e-commerce industry transaction volume will reach 22 trillion. According to the logistics cost, it is estimated that the industry income is estimated. In the next five, my country’s cross-border e-commerce logistics industry or about two trillion rooms. Stay. Behind the huge market space is a hidden industry short board: first, my country’s logistics industry has generally lowered, and digital logistics has slowed slowly.

In 2020, China’s logistics enterprise successfully conducted only 11% of total, and the overall level of logistics enterprise automation was only 20%, but this data was as high as 80% of developed countries.

SF, Jingdong, EMS and other logistics head enterprises have developed rapidly, but a large number of cross-border e-commerce logistics companies still need to be transformed. Second, the International Express Market is monopolized by international giants such as FedEx, UPS, DHL, and the scale and ability of domestic logistics companies can not reach domestic demand adaptation standards. For example, during the epidemic, the sea and the Chinese European class is hard to find, and the price has skyrocketed, and China’s international freight capacity is serious and lacking. Cross-border e-commerce only has a guest rented the airline to the aircraft, solve cross-border freight issues, to make China The logistics costs and business difficulty of export enterprises have risen sharply. Low digitization, low capacity level is a big problem in cross-border e-commerce logistics during peak growth.

A part of the company has a priority, in terms of strategy, product, and talent attempts to break through the bottleneck and upgrade smoothly.

Who seized the shortcut to change, whoever seized the opportunity of the times! What is the changeable shortcut? It is a learning organization that makes enterprises become a thoroughness in the torrent! Become a business organization, enabling the objective sense of the organization, honor, can show a high sensitivity to the environment, can bundle the company’s fate and the times.

Title International Logistics Selection Become a Learning Organization, selecting the Digital Business School to establish a Digital Business School, in order to develop strong people in the development of the cross-border e-commerce logistics industry, to the Title International Cultivate learning core combat.

Up to now, customers in action online business have covered 35 industries, all over 36 countries.

These include Haida Group, Hengxing Group, Ki’an Group, Shiyang Group, Ted Group, Dong’an Group, Zhongjin New Materials and other more than 100 million companies.

Action Digital Business School is willing to seek development in the development of active and innovative logistics enterprises, and jointly contribute to digital development in logistics industry.

In order to the same goal with the same boat, we will win a win-win situation for the same dream! Looking for a company to train Search Activities College Action Digital Business School, which is fast to enhance entrepreneurial capacity, realize the rapid growth of the enterprise, and carefully created by action education (listed 605098, A), covering strategy, talent, capital, marketing , Performance, finance, efficiency, sales and other enterprise management capabilities, are entrepreneurs’ effective digital business schools. Through the avenue, the actual online business education, help 10 million chairman, CEO, general manager, and core executives, system understand the basic laws of business management, help companies build a learning organization and enhance the overall operation of cadres team Management capabilities.

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