Central Regional International Chamber of Commerce is established in Hefei

On November 17, the establishment ceremony of the International Chamber of Commerce in the Central Region was held in Hefei. The Alliance is jointly established by 7 provinces, such as Anhui, Henan, Hubei, Shanxi, Jiangxi, Hunan, Wuhan.

In the speech, the Minister of China International Chamber of Commerce pointed out that in his speech, we must adhere to the party’s comprehensive leadership of the Commercial Association, firmly grasp the fundamental "service enterprise", and effectively put the new development concept to the whole process of enterprise services; Firmly establish the awareness of the Chamber of Commerce, use the system resources, play the system’s integration and advantage, continuously expand the brand and influence of the Chamber of Commerce; to enhance member service capabilities, enhance service enterprises coverage and effective service depth, and constantly improve the attractive experience of the Chamber of Commerce and Cohesion; to continue to consolidate the development of the Chamber of Commerce, attach great importance to the development of membership, do a large member base, improve the quality of the members, and make unremitting efforts to build a world-class chamber of commerce. Zheng Dongtao, secretary, director and provincial International Chamber of Commerce, the Provincial International Chamber of Commerce, the Provincial International Chamber of Chamber of Commerce, and the International Chamber of Commerce in the Anhui Provincial International Chamber of Commerce introduced the original intention and significance of the alliance. , Corporate exchanges and other aspects have put forward specific recommendations.

He pointed out that the key to the healthy operation of the Alliance is the close cooperation between the "brain" and member units in the "brain" and member units; the key to the long-term development of the league is to carry out foreign cooperation in the open inclusive concept, adhere to the five lakes and four seas, Guangjiao Friends, help investment to attract, recruiting, and promoting economic development.

The establishment of the International Chamber of Commerce in the Central Region is an important measure to implement the Party Central Committee on high-quality development strategies in the central region, which is a bold innovation in the development model of the Commerce. The establishment of the alliance will give full play to the international resource advantages, highly aggregated regional development elements, and improve the high-quality development in the middle of the new development stage, and add a brightness. (Chen Hao, Wu Lei) (Editor: Ou Wei, Zhang Lei) Sharing let more people see.