Chinese washing machine industry’s first standard release, Tim can lead the healthy development of the industry

  October 20, 2021, Chinese washing machine industry’s first standard – China Household Electrical Appliances Association standard T / CHEAA0018-2021 "household and similar use washing machine" released in Beijing. The call of the leadership of China Household Electrical Appliances Association, washing machine market leader Tim as head of the unit, active joint industry counterparts to jointly promote the development and drafting of this standard practice. This standard and innovation to meet market demand as the goal, focusing new technologies, new industries, new formats, new models, clear performance metrics washing machine, breaking the status quo washing machine industry is currently no criteria to guide the industry, It provides the basis for enterprise product development and quality control, washing machine to accelerate the popularization of great significance. Times created – washing machine industry’s first standards promulgated to promote the sustained and healthy development of recent years, the impact of the epidemic, consumer home health unprecedented attention, intelligent cleaning appliances ushered outlet of their own. Thanks to strong market demand, Chinese wisdom made independent technology innovation and related policy support, set vacuuming, mopping, washing mop in one of the household washing machine to break the stereotype, pushing intelligent development, the realization of the traditional cleaning appliances subversion and innovation, fierce momentum. According to Ovid cloud network (AVC) data show that the washing machine has become an important force in the development of clean electrical appliances market as a whole, the market size of less than 100 million yuan in 2019 to develop by 2020 1.3 billion yuan, an increase of 1200%.

It is predicted that in 2021 washing machine market is expected to exceed 5.3 billion yuan, the number of brands is expected by the year 2020 nearly 15 development 70.

From the industry penetration rate, within the next few years, the market size of the washing machine or up to one hundred billion yuan, becoming clean electrical industry’s first blue ocean areas.

After the washing machine successfully enter the smart new home field, to standardize and guide the development of new washing machines that track cleaning appliances, in the joint efforts of China Household Electrical Appliances Association guidance and may add other industry leaders enterprises, China Household Electrical Appliances Association standard T / CHEAA0018-2021 "household and similar use washing machine" came into being.

  China Household Electrical Appliances Association Secretary-General Wang Lei pointed out at the conference site, and washing machine as an original product, is the Chinese enterprises to develop new products for the market, not only for consumers in the new consumer experience, improve the quality of life, also contributed to the development of the industry and technological progress, for the home appliance industry to achieve "fourteen five" becoming a global leader in technological innovation and add luster to win glory.

China Household Electrical Appliances Association wishes to adopt the standard release, standardize and guide the washing machine enterprises to optimize product design, enhance the consumer experience, speed up the popularity of consumption, regulate the consumer market, washing machines promote this new track continued cleaning appliances, health, healthy developing. Innovation Achievements – Tim sustainable innovation, benchmarking attitude to lead the development of the washing machine of this standard as the main drafters of the practitioner and advocate, deep plowing can add intelligent cleaning appliances field for many years, always focused on independent technology research and development, is committed to using intelligent household cleaning technology brings the revolution, which, by virtue of Tim washing machine category over 70% of the market share leader in the industry.

  In 2020, Tim and machine washable "Fu Wan" will be the industry’s first intelligent thinking. With the original "smart suck mop, a key self-cleaning" of product features, this product is completely solved the traditional Chinese household cleaning dust and then with a mop and clean the entire home into a smart washing machine era.

Tim can not only create a new washing machine category, but also to China and the world family’s lifestyle change subversive, led to the growth of the whole washing machine broke out.

2021, Tim Fu Million and may launch a new product, continue to improve on the previous generation product innovation, added electrolyzed water sterilization function, increasing the water tank, make life longer and polished in the details, the wall dead solve cleaning problems, completed the washing machine from "no" to "yes" and then to "excellent" iterative upgrade, the rapid development continued to lead the industry. Since its establishment 23 years, Tim can always focus to meet the needs of fine white life science and technology, not only has the world over hundreds of patents and more than 300 patents, gains the Red Dot Award, IF Design Award, Innovation Award and many other Yipu Lan international awards, more accumulated chip sensor, AI intelligent algorithms and other core technologies, to lay a solid foundation for product innovation category. In less than a year, the summit United States, "Consumer Reports" recommended list, swept the United States and Asia, Germany and Asia, Nichia and other overseas sales channels floor cleaning category’s best-selling single product, sales breakthrough billion, an increase of 256% . In China, Fu Wan can add series washing machine in September 2020 to September 2021 more than one million retail units, every 10 Chinese families to buy a washing machine, there are seven families may choose to add Fu million.

"To wash, the election Fu Wan" slogan spread to millions of households.

  Washing machine opens up new growth track cleaning appliances, future development prospects. I believe that with the first washing machine industry standard release, together with the efforts of China Household Electrical Appliances Association and Tim can and other enterprises, channel platform will bring consumers higher quality products, so that the washing machine in the industry welcome to the explosive growth while ensuring the sustained, healthy, healthy development! .