Beijing Shijingshan Wanda Plaza nucleic acid positive woman has traced 204 advice

People’s Network Beijing July 3 (Pool Dream) This afternoon, at Beijing New Coronary Virus Pneumonia Epidemic Prevention and Control Work Press Conference, Pang Xiang, deputy director of the Beijing CDC, spreads the new cases yesterday.

The case is asymptomatic infection, female, 24 years old, address is public rental housing, Western Sand West, No. 35, Tiancun Road, Haidian District, Haidian District. From June 5, he returned to Beijing from Chongqing. On June 14th, I have stopped at the Xinfa Market. On June 15th, the nucleic acid test results are negative. In the early morning of June 16, due to threatened abortion, transfer from 120 ambulances to Fengtai Maternal and Child Health Hospital, the day diagnosis Afterwards, the patient will pick up the patient to the live home isolation.

On June 18, the patient had symptoms and other symptoms. Transfer from 120 ambulances to the space center hospital for treatment, June 19, the nucleic acid test results are negative, and continue home after treatment.

It has several destroying the door magnetic alarm during home isolation.

From June 24th to 27th, the patient has arrived at Shijingshan Maternal and Child Health Hospital, Xiyang Hospital, Chaoyang District, Phoenix Women in Chaoyang District.

On June 28th, I went to Haidian District, Yongtai Dongli Community, and the home isolation management was released on June 29. On June 30th, I participated in the Civil Affairs Bureau of Shijingshan District. On the afternoon, I participated in the community nucleic acid test. On July 1, the feedback results were negative. At 10 o’clock on the same day, I went to Zhongri Friendly Hospital again to conduct nucleic acid detection again.

On July 2nd to Shijingshan Wanda Plaza shopping, successively entered the Mulbei styling barber shop, JHV women’s clothing, 精 精 内 内 店 内 千 千 千 餐 拉 厅 就 厅; 餐 餐; 就 就 就 就 就 就 就 就 就 就 就 就 就 就Positive, 13 o’clock, Shijing Mountain Disease Control Center received a report by 120 ambulances to Shijingshan Hospital, diagnosed as a non-symptom infected, and was transferred from 120 ambulance to Ditan Hospital.

As of 14:00 today, 204 close contacts have been traced, and the isolation medical observation has been conducted, and other contact personnel are further investigating. Pang Xing fire again reminded that central or home isolation must strictly abide by isolation requirements, prohibit outgoing, banned to participate in aggregation activities across family cross-hospital falling activities, and any discomfort should be reported in time, standardizing medical treatment. Citizen friends should insist on personal protection, do not participate in gathering activities such as dinner, gatherings, and obey community prevention and control management. People with certain risks are in the nucleic acid detection results, they should do a good job in personal closed-loop management, do not touch or try to contact others.

Medical institutions, grassroots health care institutions, grassroots medical and health institutions, clinics, medical rooms, health seals, health stations, etc. Center and referral in accordance with relevant processes. Anyone must report the trip and contact personnel in the event of an epidemiological survey, perform civilian epidemic prevention responsibilities according to law, concealing key information and leading to consequences such as infectious diseases to undertake legal responsibility.

(Editor: Bao Cong Ying, Gaoxing).