Dandong Zhenxing District implements industrial chain investment attracted 930 million yuan investment

Original title: Revitalizing District Implementing Industrial Chain Merchants Colossible Billion Investment "Strong Enterprise Strong Chain", promoting the "old name" traditional industrial transformation and upgrading; "延 补 补", depth development "original" industry chain; "creation Chain, cultivate the new "new brand" emerging industry. At the beginning of the year, Dandong City Zhenxing District has introduced investment to the "No. 1 Project" of regional economic development. "Going out, please come in", industrial chain investment work.

Up to now, 47 industrial chains, upstream and downstream enterprises, and reach 5 intentional signing projects, 2 actual landing projects, expected total investment billion yuan. Since this year, Zhenxing District has relying on the local leading industry and specialty industries, combing 5 key industrial chains, aiming at the Pearl River Delta, the Yangtze River Delta, Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei and other regions and other regional investment activities.

The main leaders of the district leads to the team, in Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Qingdao and other places to carry out activities such as investment, economic and trade exchanges, project contracts, and field investigation.

In order to improve the accuracy and success rate of the investment, revitalize the basic situation of 33 key tax suppliers in the upper and downstream, combined with the development direction, location advantage, and the size of the upper and downstream enterprises, draw the industrial chain investment map, and take the initiative Attack, governing the investment, and improve the success rate.

In October This year, Zhenxing District participated in the "Liaoning-Pearl River Delta Investment Promotion Promotion Zhou" activities, and hosted the industrial chain investment promotion meeting, with 18 industrial chain related companies in the Pearl River Delta region and project docking. Revitalizing District to investigate the leading industry chain in-depth investigation analysis, find the leading enterprises of the construction chain, the key links of the chain, the core elements of the strong chain, in the precision manufacturing, electronic information, intensive medical, modern service industry, etc. Establish "industrial chain investment work mechanism", introduce non-pollution, good growth, strong growth, industry chain long, high scientific and technological content, and create a modern industrial cluster. Since this year, it has been docked with many companies such as Guota Group, Jianghe Electric and Equipment Engineering Co., Ltd., and negotiates 30 projects.

In order to promote the effectiveness of the signing project, revitalize the project to set up a project, and implement a key project, a district-level leader led, a special service, a set of programs implementation, one grabbing "" five one "working mechanism, trying Coordinating to solve the difficulty of promoting projects, blocking problems.

At present, there are 36 key projects in the district, and the total investment of 45.3 billion yuan; 100 million yuan; the fixed asset investment of 2.6 billion yuan is achieved in the construction project. (Editor: Li Jinyuan, Tanglong) Sharing let more people see client downloads.