The Chairman of the Arctic Council, Russia, took stock of the results of the work within the first year of the first year, and a number of measures were fully carried out.

The first year’s term of the two years of the Arctic Council was ended.

The Arctic Senior Official Committee and the Ministry of Foreign Ambassador Nicholas Corchinov have formed the achievements of the year of the national player, and a part of the overall plan of the overall plan that a member country generally supports. Sustainable Arctic governance.

It attaches great importance to the development of the Arctic Circle. It is believed that the sustainable socio -economic development of the region is the key to improving the well -being of the Arctic indigenous nation, the key to creating new employment opportunities and increasing the attraction of Arctic investment.

Outside of the event, the work plan of the Arctic Council also includes forums, conferences, lecture classes, round table meetings, festivals and exhibitions, research and inspection and professional skills competitions. The Convention Foundation (RoscongressFoundation) is the organizer of the event. At present, the foundation has held 36 related activities on the core issues of the Arctic agenda.

It accounts for nearly one -third of the entire Arctic region and acknowledge its special responsibility for the region.

Our goal is to ensure the sustainable development of the Arctic, which includes the establishment of a foundation for the most advanced infrastructure, resource development and industrial development, improving the quality of life of the northern indigenous peoples, and protecting their unique culture and traditions. Within three years, we have improved the legislative framework and welfare system for investors, forming the foundation for accelerating the social and economic development of the region in the region.

The deputy manager and the full authority of the Federal Region in the Far East, Yuri Tronev, the organizing committee of the Arctic Committee, said: Now, 423 investment projects worth 693 billion rubles are launched in the Arctic Circle. These projects will create in the region in the area. About 21,900 jobs.

He served as the Arctic Council from 2021 to 2023.

Participants discussed the implementation of forest fires, climate change and its impact on the Arctic ecosystem, the popularity of new coronary viruses, and its impact on the impact of the health of the Arctic indigenous nation and other residents. This speech was the first special representative of the Arctic Senior Official Committee with the cooperation with the local representatives, the young representatives, and the indigenous ambassador.

As a country proposed by the country, it focuses on the development of human development, including several theme group meetings, such as the protection of human health in the Arctic, how the region is a country to support humanism and scientific research, and how to create the Arctic comfortable city environment.

Among them, the theme of the sub -conference of the Arctic comfortable urban environment is the Arctic: the development of the region, it was held in Yakutsk from May 22 to 25. The branch discussed the development of the Arctic city environment and created the physical planning and tourism industry in the northern cities. And the implementation of the Arctic hectare plan. At the Plastic Issues Conference, the Arctic Futures Reserve International Forum (DSA), and the Arctic Meteorological Summit, they will also discuss how to develop natural protection cooperation in high latitudes and how to introduce natural protection technology in the future. During the period of the country, three events will be held at the North Pole Exhibition of Saint Petersburg International Economic Forum (Spief) in 2022: international seminars for shipbuilding and ship maintenance, Arctic Telecom Development and Digital Conference, and Northern Creative Industry Activities. The brand culture of the indigenous nation in the Arctic and the northern region has stimulated cooperation, commercial, non -commercial and public organizations between countries, and ultimately protects human heritage.

The Executive Secretary of the Unified Advisory Organizing Committee said at the Arctic Council Anton Kobiakov: The core issue of being a country is to discuss and implement the topic of the upcoming St. Petersburg International Economic Forum.

The business agenda on the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum will be based on the Arctic: Dialogue’s territorial forums are one of the special issues that focus on the reasonable governance of the Arctic region to achieve sustainable development.

How to propose key issues of new solutions in the development of the Arctic, such as improving the quality of life of the population in the region, the development of Beihai routes and infrastructure, climate change and environmental protection.

The cultural plan as a country also includes the Tribca Arctic Festival held in the Murmansk area from July 16th to 17th, and the Bailing Strait Festival in Chukitka in August 2022 to He Ding Ding Ding Dingding. The fourth North Cultural Forum held in Siktv Calle in December. Take the lead in the digitalization of the culture and language heritage of the northern indigenous nation, the biological safety issues of the Arctic, the development of renewable energy, and the establishment of a project that focuses on carbon -free energy.

Proposal about the traditional medicine of the indigenous nation and the projects of the development of creative industries in the Arctic is currently underway. In addition, it is also proposed to formulate the Arctic Digital Museum project. The Far East and Arctic Development Minister Alexese Kikonkov said that a series of activities during the period constituted a wide and diverse agenda, reflecting the role and importance of the Arctic’s existence on the entire area. The members of the Arctic dialogue are willing to act together to eliminate the competition between the country, which will make a significant contribution to the Heng development of the Arctic.

This depends on the common attention of people living and working in the north and working on topics such as international research, cutting -edge technologies, and topics such as ecosystems.

It is ready to restore dialogue in high latitudes.

The point is that Western member states frozen their participation in the Security Council is a temporary behavior. At the recent Arctic Border Conference, different speakers emphasized that Western member states will not change their participation or membership lineup as a overall decision maker.

In this sense, our Western colleague’s position has not changed at the Arctic Council.

Nicholas Corchinov said. The entire project overview in the plan is consistent with the goals of the 2030 strategic plan passed at the Ministerial Conference in Reykjavik in May 2021 at the Arctic Council.

Nicholas Corchinov said he hopes to continue to ensure the continuity of the council activities with the next national Norway. The complete record of the Ministry of Foreign Ambassador Nicholas Corchinov can be edited in the following responsible editor: KJ005.