Jiangzi County hired 200 "cadre style supervisors"

Jiangzi Electric (Reporter Wang Chun) Recently, Jiangzi County recently held a cadre -style supervisor to appoint a conference, hiring 200 comrades including Bianba Pairen to work as a cadre supervisor in Jiangzi County, and issued a letter of appointment.

The leaders of Jiangzi County, the principals of the townships and county agencies, and some cadres’ work style supervisors participated in the meeting. It is reported that in order to thoroughly implement the party committee of the autonomous region and the Shigatse Municipal Party Committee of the Autonomous Region, the deployment arrangements of the improvement of the work style, innovative working carrier and exploration method path, with the improvement of the supervision system as the breakthrough. The cadres of the village (residence) and the grass -roots party members, farmers and herdsmen, and non -public people were selected as 200 people, forming a people’s supervision team with a reasonable and high comprehensive quality.

According to the work arrangements and relevant duties, the cadre supervisors of Jiangzi County will be based on a high sense of honor, full enthusiasm, and a strong sense of owner. In order to focus on strengthening policy learning, improving supervision methods, and standardizing supervision procedures, conducting overall regional, full -scale, and full -time supervision of party members and cadres, and using high -quality supervision to temper high standards and promote high -quality development.

According to reports, people’s supervision is an important part of the party and state supervision system, an important way to improve the people’s democracy in the process, and it is also an effective measure to improve the implementation of the style. In the next step, the Jiangzi County Party Committee will effectively play the role of overall planning, and strive to strengthen the party’s leadership, improve the institutional mechanism, and strengthen the use of results to urge party and government agencies and party members and cadres Feedback issues and opinions rectification and implementation are in place and properly dealt with. By giving play to the people’s subjective initiative and the political leadership of the party organization, continuously highlight the effectiveness of people’s supervision, and promote the improvement of the improvement of the work style.

Editor in charge: Peng Jing.