Bitter Cup · Eleventh Golden Finger Award

The prize entered Hefei for the first time, and the East China Division was promoted to be announced.On April 2nd, it was hosted by China Lighting Network, and the East China Division of the East China Finger Award of Bite Cup and the National Tour Promotion Salon was held in Hefei.Experts from the East China Division, nominated reviews, special invited guests, representatives of previous award -winning designers, 150 participants, lighting engineering design units, and production enterprises, etc., have witnessed the promotion of the competition in this area.

The previous award -winning representatives brought the keynote speech of Peng Linhai, the lighting design director of Hangzhou Light and Space Lighting Design Co., Ltd., brought "Change of Light".

Cut into the theme of the case transformation of Ningbo Yifeng Building Restaurant Lighting Design and other cases. Firstly, the design of the lighting design of the renovation project is introduced to analyze it. From the quality, installation method, and light direction of the lamp products. The overall lighting design needs to be improved. FinallyComparison of front and rear lighting effects.

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