Shenzhen Bus "Electronic Sentinel" to work

Original title: The city’s bus "Electronic Sentinel" opens the health code in the WeChat Mini Program of "Deep I". The machine scan will display the epidemic prevention information such as nucleic acid detection in real time -Shenzhen epidemic prevention and control new technology "electronic sentry", Ten thousand sets have been promoted in the city. On March 9, the "electronic sentinel" on the first batch of buses had also been "on -the -job."

  The intelligent code scanner, known as the "electronic sentinel", can realize digitalization and informatization management of epidemic prevention outposts, upload temperature measurement, code testing, and information registration in real time. Early warning.

  In addition to the "electronic sentinel" in fixed places such as office buildings, residential communities, and villages in the city, "electronic sentry" has also begun to appear in mobile places such as buses. On March 9th, the first batch of bus "Electronic Sentinel" was officially on -duty on the three bus lines including Western Glore M241, M242 and Peak Line 102 line, and realized the "body temperature detection+green code inspection of passengers on the car "Function.

  The relevant person in charge of Western Mansion said that the use of the "electronic sentry" equipment can support the "ID card+multi -code" inspection method to broaden the inspection channel. (Reporter Xu Xingdong) (Responsible editor: Zhang Chenmu, Chen Yuzhu) Share more people see it.