9 newly added local diagnosis in Henan, 5 cases of native symptoms without infection

Original title: 9 newly diagnosed domestic diagnosis and symptoms of infected infected in Henan 5 cases of 5 cases of local infection of the local area. 10 cases of confirmed cases (9 newly diagnosed local diagnosis, including 8 cases of Zhoukou and 1 case of Luohe City; 1 case of non -symptomatic infected infected infected from overseas input), and 11 cases of non -symptoms (5 cases in the native, of which, of which There were 3 cases of Luohe City, 1 case of Zhoukou, and 1 case of Nanyang; 6 cases were entered overseas), and there were no suspected cases. Two cases of input diagnostic cases were cured and were discharged, and 1 case of asymptomatic infected infected from medical observation.

  From January 21, 2020 to March 27, 2022, Henan reported a total of 2785 cases of confirmation cases (2579 cases of local and 206 cases overseas), and 82 cases of hospitalization (64 cases in the country, 18 cases overseas) There were 130 cases of non -symptoms observed in medicine (53 cases in the local area, and 77 cases were entered overseas). A total of 69063 people were tracked to the close contact, and 4,222 people were observing. (Responsible editor: Wen Lu, Bo Chenxuan) Share let more people see it.