NASA plans to send the two to Mars for 30 days

  Science and Technology Daily, Beijing, May 25 (Reporter Liu Xia) According to the US Fun Science website reported on the 24th, the National Aeronautics and Space Agency (NASA) recently announced its 30 -day preliminary plan for Double Mars surface task. NASA’s goal is to send astronauts to the surface of Mars in the late 1930s or early 40s and perform relevant scientific tasks.

  NASA said that this vision still faces many challenges.

Even if funds and technology can be in place on time, considering the long distance between the earth and Mars, the round -trip time will be about 500 days. In addition, gravity or lack of gravity will be a problem. The astronauts will arrive in Mars with a few months of micro -gravity, and work under Mars’ micro -gravity (the gravity on Mars is only one -third of the earth). NASA suggested that one of the solutions may be to allow astronauts to live in a pressing roaming car during the execution of the task. Kolt Wergel, director of NASA space architecture, said in YouTube video: "We want to maximize the level of technology, so that we can make astronauts walk better on Mars in 30 days and maximize the maximum extent Scientific research. "(Responsible editor: Dai Xiaoyu, Jiang Jie) Share more people see it.