How can the party organizations responsible for the administrative leader under the leadership of the party committee play the core role of the party organization of the institution?

Implementing a public institution under the responsibility system under the leadership of the party committee, the party organization played the core role of leadership.

We will conscientiously fulfill the responsibilities and tasks of the party constitution and relevant regulations, and uniformly lead the unit to work in accordance with the requirements of the direction, major issues, and the overall situation. Adhere to and improve democratic centralized systems, improve leadership methods and working methods, improve the rules and decision -making procedures, adhere to collective discussions and decisions of major issues, and continuously improve the level of scientific decision -making, democratic decision -making, and according to law. We will improve the combination system of collective leadership and individual division of labor, and properly handle party and government relations. It not only gives full play to the core role of party organizations, but also effectively ensure that administrative leaders fully exercise their powers. The party organization, especially the secretary, should put the team with the team and the foundation of the party building strongly in the prominent position, and effectively do the various work of the party’s construction.

Administrative leaders must consciously accept the leadership of party organizations, conscientiously implement the resolutions and decisions of party organization, and implement the organization of collective decision -making matters in accordance with the division of labor. To establish a party group’s public institutions, the party group shall give full play to the core role of leadership in accordance with the relevant provisions of the party constitution and other party regulations.

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