Rely on innovation to improve the quality of development (focus on high -quality development)

  General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out, "Putting innovation in the first place is because innovation is the first driving force for development." "Having caught innovation, he seized the ‘bull nose’ that affects the overall economic and social development." 2021, in 2021, my country’s innovation capabilities have been further enhanced.

National strategic technology power has accelerated. Key core technology has made important progress, and new breakthroughs in the fields of manned space, Mars exploration, resource exploration, energy engineering and other fields.

Enterprise R & D expenses increased by%.

Digital technology is accelerated with the real economy.

Representative members said that this year, we must implement the innovation -driven development strategy and consolidate the foundation of the real economy. Promote scientific and technological innovation, promote industrial optimization and upgrading, break through supply constraints, and rely on innovation to improve the quality of development. Improving the government work report of scientific and technological innovation capabilities to improve scientific and technological innovation capabilities. Implement the ten -year planning of basic research and strengthen long -term stable support.

  "Basic research is the source of the entire scientific system, and it is the ‘header of all technical issues." Bao Xin and representatives of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and president of the University of Science and Technology of China said that the University of Science and Technology has always emphasized, encouraged and supported basic research.

The school builds geometric and physical research centers to strengthen support for basic theoretical research. At present, a series of major original results have been achieved.

  "Adhere to independent innovation and continuously enhance technological innovation capabilities. Key technology and core areas are not subject to others. This is of great significance for the long -term stable development of my country’s economy and maintaining national security." In recent years, my country has achieved the field of resolution from 2 meters to the Yami -level resolution in the field of land remote sensing satellites, and the observation capabilities are among the forefront of the world.

Realizing autonomy and controlling confirming the importance of independent innovation. Practice has repeatedly proved that the key core technologies are not coming, buying or not.

Cheng Jing, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and director of the Beijing National Engineering Research Center of Biological Chip, suggested that all regions and departments should continue to promote the reform of the scientific and technological system, give more autonomy to scientific research units, and give scientists greater the right to decide and use the right to use; Establish and improve the evaluation system in line with the laws of scientific research activities, adhere to the evaluation orientation of quality, performance, and contribution as the core, comprehensively and accurately reflect the level of achievement innovation, transform application performance, and practical contribution to economic and social development.

In the field of medical and health, we must start from the state of urgency and long -term needs, and accelerate the breakthrough in key core technologies in the fields of drugs, medical devices, medical equipment, vaccines, and other fields. Let all kinds of talents study and exhibit their energy government work reports, speed up the construction of important talents in the world and innovation highland, improve the system and mechanism of the talent development, increase support for young scientific researchers, let all kinds of talents study and exert their dedication Its ability. "People are the most critical factor in scientific and technological innovation. Young scientific researchers are an important part of scientific and technological talents.

Zhang Lu, a researcher at the Fujian Institute of Material Structure of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, believes that more project support should be given to young scientific researchers engaged in basic research, increasing the proportion of young scientists participating in key and major projects, and broadening the support and scope of the project support of youth special fund projects In addition, the proportion of youth projects should be increased in the funding system of the Natural Science Foundation of the country and various places, and the growth and development of high -level youth scientific research talents should be promoted. "University is a gathering place for scientific and technological innovation talents and an important platform for scientific and technological innovation.

"Lu Keping, Secretary of the Party Committee of Henan University, said that universities should improve the talent work system and implement more active and open talent policies; aiming at major national and regional strategic needs planning layout, cultivating leaders and advantageous disciplines; creating a good development environment for talent, in scientific research, in scientific research research Funding, laboratory construction, and living services are guaranteed to make talents feel a sense of belonging and accomplishment.

  Good treatment is a necessary condition for scientific and technological talents to give full play to their creativity. Shi Haofei, director of the Micro Na Naispin Manufacturing and System Integration Research Center of the Chongqing Green Intelligence Technology Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, believes that while improving treatment, we must also pay attention to the cultivation of the correct values ??of young scientific and technological talents and vigorously promote the spirit of scientists. To improve the talent evaluation system, we must reduce the burden on scientific researchers. Representatives of Shi Haofei said that in recent years, my country has accelerated the implementation of scientific researchers’ burdens, and "Breaking Siwei" has been fully launched in key areas, which has greatly released the innovative vitality of scientific researchers. After "Breaking Four Wei", "Li Xinbiao" is more critical.

Explore the formulation of quantitative evaluation standards as soon as possible, focus on performance, layered classification, survival of the fittest, and truly create an institutional environment that is conducive to talent growth and play. Deepen the use of industry -university and research combined with government work reports, strengthen the position of corporate innovation, continue to promote key core technology research, and deepen the combination of industry, academic and research. "Over the years, my country has insisted on independent research and development and continuously drawn from scientific and technological nutrients. Finally, it has ushered in a long time.

"Member of the Party Committee and Director of Hengyin Financial Technology Co., Ltd. Changjiang Haoran believes that promoting the transformation of scientific and technological achievements is an important task to implement the strategy of innovation -driven development, and it is a key link to strengthen the close combination of science and technology and the economy. , To support the adjustment of industrial structure and economic transformation and upgrading, creating a new engine of economic development is of great significance.

  Representative Cheng Jing suggested that we should continue to promote the reform of the scientific and technological management system, explore the reform of mixed ownership of the ownership of the scientific and technological achievements, optimize the investment of fiscal science and technology, focus on strategic and critical areas, implement tax incentives for basic research on corporate basic research, strengthen promotion of scientific and technological innovation Financial and tax support.

  "The in -depth integration of industry -university -research is an important way to accelerate the transformation of scientific and technological innovation.

"Zhang Lu said that taking the Fujian Material Structure Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences as an example, in recent years, the institute has achieved a group of research results that leads the international advanced level, and more than ten high -tech enterprises are cultivated. It has strongly supported economic and social development.

  Deepen the reform of institutional mechanisms and dredge the "blocking point" of the transformation of scientific and technological innovation. According to Baoxin and Representatives, China University of Science and Technology is the first batch of "pilot units to give scientific and technological achievements for scientific and technological achievements or long -term use rights" in the country. The school gives scientific researchers 7 to 80 % of the ownership of the school’s scientific and technological achievements, effectively mobilizing the enthusiasm of scientific researchers. The transformation of scientific and technological innovation results requires financial and financial support. According to data from the National Bureau of Statistics, as of the end of 2021, the national scientific and technological achievement transformation and guidance fund set up a total of 36 sub -funds, with a total capital scale of 62.4 billion yuan. Member Jiang Haoran said that the establishment of a small and medium -sized enterprise in innovation and relatively thin foundation, but it has high growth and requires funding support. He suggested that promoting the development of entrepreneurial investment, innovating technology financial products and services, and improving the professional level of science and technology intermediary services.

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