Ma Xingrui met with former Chinese Kuomintang chairman Hong Xiuzhu

Ma Xingrui, the party secretary of the Autonomous Region, met with Hong Xiuzhu, the former chairman of the Chinese Kuomintang and the chairman of the Chinese Qingyan Peace Education Foundation, who came to Xinjiang in Urumqi.

He Zhongyou, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of the Autonomous Region, attended the meeting.

On behalf of the party committee and government of the Autonomous Region, Ma Xingrui welcomed the arrival of Hong Xiuzhu and his party, and expressed his appreciation to Hong Xiuzhu’s long -term adherence to the "1992 Consensus" and opposing "Taiwan independence", and made positive contributions to the development of cross -strait relations and enhanced the well -being of compatriots.

After briefly introduced the economic and social development of Xinjiang, Ma Xingrui said that under the strong leadership of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core, Xinjiang showed a good situation of social stability and living in peace and work.

We are further exerting its advantages, tapping potential, deepening exchanges and cooperation with all parties, promoting the high -quality development of the economy and society, and striving to build a new era of socialist Xinjiang with Chinese characteristics in the new era. Compatriots on both sides of the strait are blood -thicker than water, and the Chinese dream is a common dream of compatriots on both sides of the strait.

We will actively implement the policies and measures of the central government, and make good use of the construction of the “Belt and Road” broad platform to further deepen the exchanges and cooperation with Taiwan in various fields, continuously expand the results of cooperation, promote the well -being of the people of the two places, and promote the peace of the people of cross -strait relations. Develop and achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. Hong Xiuzhu highly evaluated Xinjiang’s efforts to promote social stability, economic development, and people’s prosperity.

She said that Xinjiang has a big thing, beautiful scenery, and unique style. This visit and visitor saw a stable development, prosperous and prosperous Xinjiang, and left a deep impression.

I hope that there will be more opportunities to go to Xinjiang and take a look, further enhance their understanding and understanding of Xinjiang, and enhance exchanges and cooperation with Xinjiang.

Liu Junchuan, deputy director of the Taiwan Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, Liu Junchuan, deputy director of the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council, and the leaders of the autonomous region, Zu Mumu Rebul, Haman Cabin, Sun Hongmei, etc. attended the meeting.