Beijing Dongcheng Establishing a physical bookstore development alliance to build a physical bookstore innovation development platform

Original title: Dongcheng Establishing a physical bookstore Development Alliance This newspaper (Reporter Lu Yanxia Li Yao) Yesterday, the theme event of "World Reading Day" in Dongcheng District in 2022. 56 physical bookstores in Dongcheng jointly launched the establishment of a physical bookstore alliance and released 5 The "Shuxiang City" slow life visits route, so that the city is full of scholarship. At the event site, the constitution and initiative of the Dongcheng physical bookstore alliance was released. The Alliance adheres to the concept of resource sharing and win -win cooperation, builds a platform for innovation and development of physical bookstores, exerts functions such as resource coordination, mutual empowerment, industry management, and service improvement. The good ecology of shopping malls, building, entering the community, and entering the park.

  At the same time, Dongcheng District launched 5 "Books", "National Wind Style Lane", "Yaji Laiyun", "Old City Mandarin" and other 5 "Book Fragrance City" and other 5 "Book Fragments" to visit the punching route, involving Wangfujing Bookstores, code -type Bookstores (Wangfujing Heping Fruit Bureau), Pageone (Beijing APM), Sanlian Tao Fen Bookstore (Art Museum Head Store), Gengshi (Dongcheng Longfu Temple), Shuxiang World Theme District, Book Xiang Shiye theme district, After the beauty, 38 physical bookstores and street libraries such as Jingshan Citizens Cultural Center attracted citizens to explore and excavate the aesthetic places and reading space around them, participate in reading, and share the beauty of reading. During the "World Reading Day" theme activity, Dongcheng will hold more than 60 theme activities to build a temperature and ecology with temperature through the form of the people and the masses through forum lectures, books and recommendations, and signing and sale of famous masters.

Sanlian Tao Fen Bookstore will launch a series of "Our China -New Detective" activities, inviting eighteen scholars to host four theme forums; Wenqin Pavilion Bookstore will host the new book conference of "Beijing Middle Axis Midth -Year Image" and the central axis. Cultural salon; Dongsihong Museum will hold theme salons, special exhibitions, and market handmade activities. (Responsible editor: Yin Xingyun, Gao Xing) Share let more people see it.