The neighborhood watched the heart of the heart of the community in harmony with the family

The members of the Xing’an Wulan Muqi are rehearsing the show.

  The lively Yangge, beautiful dance, strong calligraphy, smart handmade … In Linhuangjiayuan, Xing’an Street, Songshan District, Chifeng City, the colorful and diverse cultural activities are just like a ray of spring breeze, adding a touch of the lives of the residentsBright color.Linhuangjiayuan Community is a community composed of 12 ethnic minority residents such as Mongolia, Manchu, Hui, and Zhuang. Nearly 4,000 ethnic minorities residents are typical multi -ethnic integration communities.

It is especially important to improve the community environment of the community’s happiness and satisfaction, and building a "national unity family" community environment. On July 15, 2019, Linhuangjia Community ushered in a distinguished guest, General Secretary Xi Jinping. He walked into the community party and mass service center, asked the community grass -roots party building, national unity integration, etc., inspected the display of minority clothing and supplies, and communicated with children and community residents. General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized that the community is the common home of the people of all ethnic groups, and the nation unite a family.

It is necessary to further promote the creation of national unity and progress into the community, build the community into a large family for watches and help in the people of all ethnic groups, and actively create a good community environment for the people of all ethnic groups to live and work.

  Yin Yin cares, warm people’s heart;

After a lapse of three years, the party committee of Linhuangjiayuan adhered to the family concept, the care of the family, and the warmth of the family, and launched a "home" service to the community to promote the interaction and exchanges of all ethnic groups in this family.

  Entering Linhuangjiayuan Community, the cheerful dance steps in the Wulan Muqi rehearsal hall, the laughter and laughter in the small desk classroom of the nation, the national craftsmanship woven embroidery class, the lifelike woven works, all tell the warmth of this big family’s warmth Harmony. "The fifteenth month of the first month is the traditional festival of our country.

Every day, we have to eat dumplings and watch lanterns. Want to know how the lantern is made? Let’s learn with me below.

"At a small desk of the community ethnic group, the volunteer teacher Zhang Zhichao taught children to make lanterns. The teacher talked carefully and vividly, the students learned carefully, the atmosphere at the scene was lively and warm. It has jumped in front of it. Since the establishment of a small desk of a nation -integrated desk in 2019, every weekend, seven volunteers like Zhang Zhichao will come here regularly to open a song, ethnic story meeting, handicrafts, handicrafts, handicrafts, and handicrafts. For free courses such as creativity, the number of students who come to participate has reached more than 800. These courses not only inherit traditional culture, enrich children’s amateur life, but also increase children’s love for the motherland and nation, strengthen cultural self -confidence and National identity.

  At this time, the beautiful music and cheerful dance steps in the Wulan Mu Riding Renaway were pleasing to the eye. Xing’an Wulan Muqi team members are working hard to rehearse the new song and dance "Military and Civilian Unity Family", and strive to set up dance movements, and carefully improve each detail in order to better display it to more people. "Our sisters are very happy to sing and dance together.

The community provides us with a stage for showing talents, which has also become a place where everyone promotes understanding and contact emotions. "Vice Captain Liu Liu said.

  When General Secretary Xi Jinping came to Linhuangjiayuan Community, he pointed out that Wulan Muqi was very grounded, and the masses liked to hear and never out of date. In the new era, strengthen the construction of spiritual civilization. We must adhere to the direction of literature and art to serve the people and serve socialism, and actively support and promote literary and artistic activities directly serving the grassroots people. Empty, words are still in your ears.

The members of the Xing’an Wulan Muqi in mind should keep up with General Secretary Xi Jinping’s entrustment to insist on the development ideas from the masses to the masses, and continue to grow and grow. The three artistic guides are hired. There are 14 programs directed, participating in large -scale public welfare performances in the urban area and 30 times in various communities, gradually becoming a characteristic brand of Xing’an Street propagating the party’s policy and policies, promoting national unity, inheriting and promoting outstanding cultures, and cultivating social civilization. Essence

  Speaking of future work, Wang Shujuan, the captain of Xing’an Wulan Muqi, said: "In the future, my sisters will rehearse programs that show the spirit of the times and reflect the characteristics of the nation. Cavalry. "In order to better inherit the excellent national culture and enrich the spiritual life of residents of all ethnic groups, Linhuangjiayuan Community also organized activities such as calligraphy classes and ethnic skills inheritance classes. "Knowing.

  In the woven embroidery class of the national craftsmanship of Linhuangjiayuan, the ingenious Bingdun, the cute and cute Xue Rongrong attracted many people to stop and visit.

Liu Guixia, one of the creators, patiently taught weaving skills to the sisters patiently. Speaking of this embroidered woven class, Liu Guixia is full of joy: "The embroidery and weaving class not only set up a platform for the community residents, but also teaches the community’s sisters to weave, embroidery, handicraft and other skills to inherit the culture on the fingertips.

"In order to give full play to the role of weaving classes, Linhuangjiayuan Community actively provided teachers’ training, material purchase, venue and other services. Residents learned the craftsmanship of weaving smoke purse, dance boots, summer hat, and successively completed the" grassland children’s heart to the party to the party. "" National Unity Family "and other works, ethnic craftsmanship personnel have been increased from 5 people to 19.

  "Treating residents should be recognized by residents like their family members. This is the deepest experience in community work in recent years." People have strengthened the concept of "home" service of community work.

  With the joint efforts of community party committees and residents, Linhuangjiayuan Community has won honorary titles such as the top 100 communities of the national publicity and ideological and cultural work, Chifeng Civilized Community, and National Unity and Progressive Demonstration Community. The community has become a bridge and harbor that residents of all ethnic groups communicate with each other, emotionally agrees with each other, and integrate with each other.

  Wu Xiaohua said that in the next step, the Linhuangjiayuan community will continue to consolidate the carrier of various platforms, unite the people of all ethnic groups in the large family of the community, and promote exchanges, exchanges, and integration. Continue to strengthen community governance, create a harmonious and united community atmosphere for the residents of all ethnic groups of the community, so that the general secretary can rest assured and satisfy residents.

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