Inner Mongolia Baotou Entry and Exit Border Inspection Station Joint Baotou City Library jointly carried out the theme party day event of "Putting down the phone and picking up the book"

At the library information center, the party members of the two units focused on the three books of "Better Glory", "Blood Blood" and "Ordinary World", and shared the reading experience.

The representatives of the border inspection stations and the party members of the library also exchanged their role in the development of their respective resident economy, and stated that they would continue to strengthen the two parties and continue to cooperate in depth.

This theme party day event is part of the "Don’t be in the year of struggle" to study and discuss a series of activities.

During the next step, the border inspection station will build a big study and discussion activity into a strong grasp and important carrier for the work consensus of the police’s ideological consensus and promote the work of the entire site, and better promote the construction and business work of the border inspection station team.Two -way breakthrough.(Bao Feng, Ren Hanshun) (Editor: Zhang Xuedong, Liu Ze) Share more people to see recommended reading.