Hebei Province will designate this year as "forestry system push and deepen the real years"

Original title: Our province will designate this year as "forest long system push and deep years" to promote the management and protection capabilities and governance level of forest grass resources and governance. The Provincial Forestry Office issued the "Key Points of the Forestry System in Hebei Province in 2022".

Hebei Province will determine the 2022 as "the forest -long system is pushed into a real years", and continuously consolidate and improve the effectiveness of the construction of the forest system, and promote the significant improvement of forest and grass resources management and protection capabilities and governance. Correct the responsibility of Lin Chang at all levels. Reasonably compile the list of forests at all levels and work manuals, and establish and improve supporting systems such as Lin Chang conferences, assessment methods, forest patrol inspections, information disclosure, and departmental collaboration, and continue to promote Lin Chang to actively coordinate and resolve forest grass resources. Protect development issues.

Summarize the promotion of experience and practices such as "Lin Chang+Attorney General" and "Lin Chang+Sheriff", actively innovate and improve the cooperation mechanism of the forest system department, and ensure the quality of Lin Chang’s performance. Create a demonstration point for the reform of the forest system.

Based on municipal levels, scientifically formulate creation plans, and build a demonstration site for three -level reform of counties and rural levels in high standards to ensure that "county -level demonstrations, rural levels have improved, and village levels have highlights." Accelerate the formation of a number of practical results and institutional achievements that can be replicated and promoted, and constantly transform the advantages of the forest system reform mechanism into governance efficiency. Increase the protection of ecological resources. We will make every effort to promote the preparation of the province’s forest land protection and utilization plan, and strictly implement the use of forest land and grassland review and approval systems.

Accelerate the implementation of the "Hebei Provincial Natural Forest Protection and Repair Plan", and further implement the compensation system for the forest ecological benefits.

Strengthen the protection and repair of important wetlands such as Baiyangdian, Hengshui Lake, Nanda Port, and Cha Khan Er to further enhance the ecological function of the wetland.

Strengthen ecological restoration of forest and grass resources.

In -depth implementation of the "two mountains, two wings, three rings, and four edges" afforestation and greening, complete 6 million acres of forests, and renovate 360,000 acres of degraded grassland.

It highlights key projects such as the northern sofa, land greening demonstration project, Xiong’an Millennium Xiulin, large -scale forest farm construction, degraded grassland ecological restoration, and rest of the dam. Successfully created more than 15 provincial forest cities and 150 provincial forest villages, and promoted forests into cities, forest cities, and forests to benefit the people.

Strengthen the prevention and control of forest and grass resource disasters. Strictly implement the responsibility of the forest grassland fire prevention party and government responsibility, the head of the executive head, and implement the "five -level secretary grasping fire prevention" to ensure that the main leaders of the party and government at all levels can effectively fulfill the duties of the "first responsible person" of forest grassland fire prevention.

Deepen the work mechanism of fire prevention work in Beijing, Tianjin -Mengmeng Forest and Grassland, and improve the neighboring city and township joint defense system.

Comprehensively deepen reform and innovation. Continuously consolidate and expand the results of the reform of the collective forest rights system, standardize the trading behavior of forestry rights, promote moderate scale operations, further strengthen the dispute between collective forest land contracting business disputes, and safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the majority of forest farmers and forest power right holders.

Develop the ecological industry of forest grass according to local conditions, complete the newly built and transforming economic forestry and transformation of 300,000 acres, and newly increased flower planting area of ??10,000 acres.

Strive the province’s ecological forests to stabilize about 50,000 people to help consolidate the results of poverty alleviation and rural revitalization.

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